Self motivation for success
                            GO AHEAD AND CATCH THE SUCCESS
                   ....................SO ON

Without having a tiny question mark,I can say that there is no lack of such students is anyone's life.May be from relatives,teachers and even from some friends and parents.

No doubt all of us have a perfect planning for our future to make it awesome,no matter how clear,distinct the path is ! In fact talking like this is just indicating that it totally doesn't matter ,how big your dream is or how much profitable it is but the only thing which matter is the wag of dealing with your life.

Because, a person can underestimate the pain because of others chance but can ever give an excuse to his/her  own choice. Hence,one should not compromise with one's own life,isn't it?That all about the relation of our profession with passion.

Let's imagine about a pretty thing,a little puppy just running restlessly behind a black sexy Audi.It's very common sketch in a rustic era.

Let it stop here and come to draw our life outline randomly.After deciding our life goal,we are just trying our best to get it.Pouring our heart and soul is nothing at the time, the only thing which defines our reason to alive, is that goal ? 

Yeah! even in history gives the proof that nothing can be impossible. Everything is possible for this human being.

If one tries one's best,yes not by respecting this fact but proving this one again.We just win our battle and catch the goal.Right .......
But but but.................

If unfortunately either of the lack of little effort or any physical reason,one just can't crack the said for just a few numbers.That the point.i wanna to make out by bringing a perfect clarity.

We guys just thing about the success,nothing else except it but as we all know,there are always two sides of a single coin.It is not our ignorance but our carelessness,which should be overcome.

The actual misleading concept in this issue is that we have a perfect scheduled plan till the success but we forgot that it is not the first time always,that we can capture the success.

Actually,as to our coverage,we must struggle till we just pass the path of exam and get the job.It is not the real time fact.The perfect struggle begins just after we crack our dreams,because always accepts a dream with a desire to make some changes in that particular field as to one's wish.

Even in a battle ground,the War begins at that time when every fighter's has their own and lucky weapon.Overally,it can be concluded that actual struggle enters into the life after getting our dreamed job.

Now,again come to the beginning part of the schedule.The little puppy just following the car restlessly till the car comes to rest.Just after the car stops,the dog has no idea about what to do.The importance of example in our life is that we just running after our dream without any idea of past  success or failure.Which is really degrading the value of living .
Opportunity always comes to you

 FAILURE - it is a source of inspiration for many of us and it's also a in direct reason for legal issues in many a times.But it's also true that failure never overcomes the importance of life at any cost.

We have not a rustic concept regarding failure,this is the only lacuna,We shouldn't have.As success is not fatal.We should accept appreciate level of responsibilities,which will become a missile in overcoming both the failure and stress,due to it.

otherwise 62 aged dynamic old man had never become the father of today's world famous kentucky fried chicken( you know it as KFC.Otherwise the person who was rejected by perhaps 1k restaurant could never be famous in more than 100 countries.

Otherwise,the lady once upon a time who was requesting the Government for help for help,never become the first billionaire by writing the famous novel series HARRY POTTER. 

DON'T panic and do any bad works when you get failure by putting of your 100% for your dream.Take the failure as your positive side and challenge the failure and give a chance to yourself.Do hard work as much as possible and taste the success.

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