Education in past

1900's Education

 EDUCATION is that type of to which no one wants to accept but everyone has to accept, well it's a joke.

Education is the source of knowledge through teaching and learning, especially at school and many more organizations.

"The earliest educational process is basically known as primary education".Basically, primary education begins from mother or we can say that from our family.

School and further education system just based upon pre-prepared syllabus, subjects, lessons and many more like this. But our family taught manner, behaviour, respect and many more, it helps to deal with the various situation happening in our surroundings.we are diverting from the actual topic.

I just gave a little bit of knowledge which I have collected from my experience and study and from society.

 Let's move down towards the topic and find out how past education is different than the present education.

Actually, we can't say difference it is the modification that occurred by the time and generation change.

In ancient time education in all over the world including INDIA there were normal schools like today and there were teachers present for the students.

The world went through a great expansion in education over the past two centuries. This can be seen across all quantity measures............ Secondary and tertiary education have also seen drastic growth with global average years of schooling is much higher now than a hundred years ago.πŸ’πŸ’πŸ™πŸ™..


Like today's schools and colleges and institutions, in past the source of spreading knowledge, education is called"GURUKUL" In INDIA and the teachers are called"GURU", and the students are called "SISHYA".Ancient INDIAN schools were in the grab of the natural environment.

The students and teachers of ancient India lived together irrespective of their social standing. There is a respect in that single word called "GURU".In past, the students were also learning physics, mathematics, chemistry and all as we in the modern era.

Students were learning only by listening to their teachers only, no money needed for this, students were examined by the practical test of their knowledge in the society for the people, by their teachers.


Technology grown up to the upper level and growing up gradually day by day, technology has no end.

The education which taught in the school nowadays is called as modern education. modern education teaches about the skill required today, that is the skill of science and technology.

Education totally based on technology. The education system totally based upon science and technology which includes writing, visualizing, imagining, skills and more. Too much money is needed in this era for well educated, from the school to the higher studies.

Nowadays no one can get an education without money, but by the time we are saying EDUCATION is the fundamental rights and it's always open for us, respect towards the teachers lost in the modern education system.

Parents have to sacrifice everything to well educate their child in this era.  Students are taking a lot of pressure due to their education.HEALTHY nature is not available nowadays.

Students are educating themselves to get a job and well settle down in society, but their study is not towards any purpose.

Lastly, our sensual views said that both types of education have their own place and importance.

We can't say any one of these is good or bad, both are best in their own destination. If we discuss, this is a vast topic, may not complete......


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  2. Heaven hell difference in ancient and modern education system of india.Still ancient "GURUKUL" used to teach such things that develops a spiritual thought among the students.

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