Importance of Education

EDUCATION! What is education......I think it's an addiction,  an addiction of which no one wants to be addicted. No one wants to study. Basically, it means towards the students.

Education is like a bitter gourd for the students. Education is like a bitter gourd for the students, which is very tough to eat, but we have to accept that how bitter gourd is good for the health; like that education is tough to achieve but good for life.
EDUCATION is like a true best friend means, your best never left you at any situation it may tough or a sweet one. However, a bad situation comes to your life, your knowledge always with you to defeat that problem.

Your knowledge is like toolbox which simplifies all your tough times. An educated person is respected everywhere. Where ever you go, you can make people give you respect by only your knowledge and personality.....


TODAY, education is required in every field of life...It is most important to hold any respectful position in society, to live a spectacular life, to live like an honest man and a simple life.

A good education is the founder of a better future, education is that things which defined the purpose of life. Education is not getting a degree through your academic career, it also depends on your attitude and behaviour.

You don't have to tell anyone that you are educated. Your education, attitude, manner, behaviour reflect your personality. 

IT brighten your personality at others. That you are seeing in this picture, was told by the great legend "NELSON MANDELA".


  1. Addiction to drinking and smoking: 

 Addiction to drinking, smoking and drugs addiction is the most dangerous thing for student and developing youth nowadays. They are easily addicted to a very early age.

If they achieved any goal, they instantly plan a party for a celebration. The party is going on with drinking and smoking with other things. Depression, sadness and unsuccessful life is another cause of drinking and smoking.

Students are getting stressed by their career, so they drinking and smoking for relaxation. Youth and students are enjoying their luxurious life with this bad habit. All are wanting a luxurious life. But they are not understanding that without education and hard work, they can't afford this and maintain this luxurious life for a long time.

Having, a purpose in life is most important, without any purpose no-one can get away from the addiction, no-one can make any decision, there is no commitment.

Without any purpose in life, life is like a paper boat. Look, it's all based in reality, not on imagination, these are not fairy tales, these are the main problems of our developing society. So we have to say no towards this type of bad addiction.

     Yes, sexual pleasure is another way of distraction, who says sex is not a distraction, if there is no distraction in this, then how can we get able to achieve the 140 crores of population.

It is nothing more than a common problem of adolescence. Parents are saying focus on study, teachers are saying focus on study, but no-one say us how to get away from this bad habit and focus on us.

They just say that these types of talks are not allowed in our culture and tradition. But why no-one can understand, culture is made according to the situation, not situations are made according to culture and tradition.

 I'm not saying sexual pleasure is based only on a physical level. It is also based on our mental health, emotions and all. But my dear!parents you can't change your child's mind, you can only change the direction of his mind...


                        A good desire, a bad desire......................we have the desire to do something positive, constructive and also we have the desire to waste our energy, to being lazy, desires of bad things let you down in your goal. 

When one type of desire is your power, some while the other types of desire are your weakness, so control on your bad desires...

4. FOOD:

This is the main part of desire, I think most of the people are a foodie. Food!yes you maybe confuse that food is a distraction of unsuccessful life of a person.

Your confusion is right. Some are food lovers, food addicted, they can't live without food for an hour, but these type of people are only want to eat and sleep. They don't want to do any hard work, they are always searching for food.

Remember one thing, if someone's body is not working properly, it's impossible for his mind to work smartly, smoothly and regularly. Junk food, street foods are very tasty for our tongue, but these are very bad for our avoid these junk and street food as you can...


                           HA!HA!Here is also a confusion, how comedy is a source of distraction.                         
Someone said that laughing is the best medicine for our health, but there is also a limit to taking medicine. Comedy includes entertainment also, entertain your mind as it needs, not more than that. 

Taking so much unnecessary medicine is very harmful. Look, suppose you are studying since morning and you got tired, then you have to relax you are for a little bit of time, for that, you do whatever you may want to do, but addicting in that things and wasting the valuable time is very bad for yourself.

so give relax to your brain as it need not more than that.....................


 Like the two sides of a coin, everything has a positive as well as negative side. But education is the only thing that has not any negative side.

If you use your education for doing bad things, then this is your personal decision, it depends only on the user's mind. 

Due to lack of education, most of the people are unable to choose their correct leader. Due to lack of education, most of the people are behind the poverty line and are on the dark side of society.

  They can't choose a good political leader. With proper education, no-one can touch you, with lack of education everybody can engulf you. Education is the source of food, money, shelter, respect and everything.


An educated person is able to distinguish between right from wrong and good from the bad. If most of the people are educated, then there is no corruption and no unemployment in INDIA.

Overall, I just want to say that keep learning, learn how to learn, spread your knowledge, because EDUCATION is the fundamental right and it is free for all.

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  1. Education is most important in student's life... So as a student I wanna suggest all the students to focus on your study.... Nd absolutely nice words

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  2. You are new,so you are missing many things...focus more...


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