Nature's pledge and enjoyment

  SO here is the devined word on heading which you are watching through your screen.The word NATURE is the word for which we are living in Earth,for which we have a shelter,we have our needs,we have food and everything.What ever we have because of NATURE.......

       The word NATURE is derived from the LATIN word 'NATURA' on essential qualities,Literally which means "BIRTH". NATURE can refer to the phenomena of the physical world and also life in the general.The word NATURE is used for the things that are normally not made.
NATURE is defined as the natural things on the earth,which are the essence of a person or we can say the total human being and animal bodies.Nature provides everything for the existing life style on this earth.NATURE is our sole supplier.


   When we read the word NATURE,the first thing comes to our mind is trees.Trees,which is our another mother,without of it's our own mother even unable to feed us.

We are getting everything,mainly oxygen,food,water and shelter.Other than this we get everything,not even a single item can move out from the list.

Our forests,rivers,oceans and soil provide us with the food that we take for survive,the air we breathe,the water we drink and also irrigate our crops with.We all depend on NATURE for our health,happiness and prosperity.

NATURE will always be a part of our live,not this but we are here for nature,by the nature and off the nature,without NATURE we are nothing means valueless.It is up to us to take care of the NATURE from the every corner of our possibilities,because we are taking care of our beloved home.

Just imagine a world without NATURE.What have the situation be,then what would the meaning of life?

Amazing scene of mother nature

NATURE is very  important because if there will be no NATURE,we would not be alive for the next moment.Especially trees,they provide the source of life means the air we breathe.

NATURE is also important because we have the comfortable clothes right?Some of your own clothes are made out from animals.Some animals gives us essentials like milk from cow,bacon from pig and many more like this.

Trees are the most important of all the stuff that we talked about because they give oxygen to survive. 

NATURE is very colourful and has both living and non-living things in it's lap.It has ecosystems consisting of Biotic and Abiotic compounds.

Even all the microbes and insects are the important part of the NATURE.Human health is completely depends upon the heath of the nature.If nature is in a bad form,then how can human can stay healthy.


Factors are included AIR,WATER,SOIL and may be everything,but these are in serious and dreadful conditions.WHO(world Health organization) also pointed at chemical exploser,climate change and ultraviolet radiation as the causes of unhealthy NATURE.There are plenty of reasons like this,acid rain,deforestation,population explode,waste production,genetic modification and many more.

After all Global warming and Green house effect are the arguably  greatest cause of defect nature.Burning fossil fuel,increasing in Carbon dioxide and Carbon monoxide are the debatable causes of a going endangered NATURE.

The nature is also affected by biotic and abiotic factors like temperature,pressure,humidity and mainly human base activities and the green house effect that trap the heat from the sun and increase the temperature of the earth and these causes of unhealthy atmosphere are alarming,wake up and just a look where we are living peacefully just destroying it.

We are digging our own step.So many steps are taken for this alarming situation towards the govt..But today's world just want development and luxurious life.All are busy and blind behind their work place.

We can save our world or we can destroy it,it totally upon on our hand to decide what to do.

So many years ago,there was no disease,no lack of oxygen,no shortage of food...and many more...WHY?Only because of healthy nature and climate.At that time,people were not needy of luxurious life.

But this not the correct time to look behind,now we have to repair our damage nature.Our next generation is going to drag by the bad nature and climate in future.

Look at the going case,means the dreadful CORONA virus,which has taken more than 50K life all over the world.There are a lot of reasons about the birth of this virus.Some are that this is the cause of anger of the nature.

It's spread from a type of seafood,as the not confirmed report.Those whom we've to keep them safe,we are destroying them as our own property.Now the whole world is in paralyzed position,all the powerful countries are powerless in the from nature.

Whole world is in lock down position now a days to fight against the virus.Due to this lock down global warming decrease to 40%.Many surprise things are happening now a days.If one month of lock down can decrease 40% of global warming just imagine in one day how much pollution receive by the nature.From now a days we have to save our nature by keeping as our own property.


 As we discussed about a lot of unhealthy nature,now it's time to describe the super creation of nature.It's a beauty,which is indescribable.

A beautiful nature,healthy climate and peaceful moment  can change our mind,can decrease our depression level and low the stress,it can fresh up us.The word NATURE is a commonly used word.Nature is characterized by it's beauty resulting mainly from the wonderful diversity of living and non living organism.

In India there are only three seasons that we feel,summer,winter and rainy.In these seasons we feel various wonderful climates like morning sunshine and delight evening of summer,chilled winter and green grass of rainy. 

Top of the mountains,beach of the oceans,foot of the waterfall and all are like dreamy scenes.These are the medicine for the peaceful mind as well as for the world.Description of the beauty of the nature is limitless,it can't described in our beyond words.It can only feeled.

NATURE has a powerful transformative power which is responsible for the functioning of life on the planet.It is essential for mankind to it is our duty to conserve it for our future generation.Nature is the most precious  and valuable gift to us from god.NATURE can be found every where and all of it's beauty is unique.   


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