Ayurveda can stop corona

NOW,we are in the stage of death means the corona pandemic grab the whole world in it's scary and dangerous hands..It is a dreadful disease as we know all the facts about it.

This is the dreadful pandemic took birth in China in the last of 2019,so commonly known as COVID-19.All the countries of the world now suffering in this hardful situation.

Each and every country of the world now trying their best medical science to discover vaccine for this Virus.At the time of research for vaccine one bad news came from WHO(WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION) that as HIV,Corona will never go from the Earth.

It will stay for decades and harm the people by destroying their immunity power.Death cases by corona are increasing day by.

According to the update report till now more over 4.7 million people affected by this,about 1.7 million recovered from this dreadful virus and about 3.5 million people lost their life by fighting with this Virus.United States of America lost maximum of it's life due to this.

Some how,India also in thrented position by staying in the 8th position in Corona cases all over the world.It is a large step of India from 28th place to 8th place with in 45 days.

Now Corona cases up to above of 97 K in India and death cases rises up to above of 5000 till now,18th May.Lock down system rule over the world to prevent spreading of Virus,but it is still increasing. 

Having lock down period for fifty days or above,still the positive cases in India is increasing like a spider net.

All the countries are in the way of finding the vaccination process for Virus.But WHO declared that like HIV,corona will never go from Earth and the vaccine may not come out.

If the vaccine will come out then it will take more than two years  inject in human being and stop Corona.According to WHO only lock down system and by maintaining social distancing.According to WHO.

If the Governments open up the lock down system then there is a maximum chance of community spread and there after situation may be go out hand.The report was declared by WHO on 15th of May,2020,in their official press conference.  


INDIA is trying it's best to discover the vaccine for the Virus in it's laboratories.India is fighting with Corona and sure we also defeat the Corona,but it will take some time to win.Thanks to the plans of Government and the co-operation of the people.

India tried a method called Plasma Therapy as the vaccine trail for some days.But some how due some important reasons that method declined by the Government and the authority of WHO.Plasma therapy is the process of giving antibody of a cured person to a bed ridden corona patient to boost his immunity power and help him out to recover from Virus.It is the first trail and hope of India towards a step of Corona vaccine.It was rejected because it may  cause
                                     >Allergic Reactions
                                        >Lung Damage
                                            >Breathing difficulties
                                              >Transmission of Infections                                                                       including HIV and Hepatitis B
The plasma therapy was also rejected due to this major health issues. 
After rejecting this method,India looks for it ancient and traditional method of medical science known as Ayurvedic.This is the well accepted method for crucial medical condition.The making and trail process for Ayurvedic things for the Corona vaccine has  started.

Union minister of state for AYUSH ministry,Sri.Shripad Y Naik twitted that
I am sure and quite hopeful that our traditional medicinal sysytem will show the way to overcome from this pandemic situation.

Ayurveda,Yoga,Unani,Siddha and Homeopathy are the traditional and Impactful medical system of Indian medical science.

According to the report of Ayush ministry India,The council of Scientific and Industrial research(CISR),with which the Ayush Ministry is working to conduct the traditional medicine trials,is one of the largest and most diversified public funded CISR in the world..

ICMR is trying to make vaccine for the pandemic by using Ayurvedic things and all.Ayurveda ,being the science of life ,propagates the gifts of nature in maintaining healthy and happy life style.

It is based upon our daily life style and seasonal life style.Now,this is the new hope for medical science to develop the vaccine for COVID-19 virus.


1.Eat and drink healthy and fresh things in your daily routine.
2.Use Turmeric,Cumin,Coriander and Garlic to increase your       immunity power.
3.Use of herbal things in your diet.
4.Use of herbal tea made from Basil,Black pepper,Dry ginger         and Raisin.
5.Lastly use of mask and sanitizer
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  3. Our education minister proved that how dreadful the pandemic may be but the exam must be held.

  4. Our education minister proved that how dreadful the pandemic may be is but exam must go on


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