Never loss hope

There are two types of people in the world.One is who fight with problem and win it as achievement.Another one is who strongly knee down at problems.

Have patience for outcome
    Be patience in everything,everything need it's own time to         be perfect.Wait for your perfect one and catch it.

Build solution over problem bridges

Stop eating relationships by your ego and anxiety.Your ego only destroy you not other people.Put your ego at side and  go for your goal.Relations are human beings and they have emotions,don't eat like chocolates.

Through out your ego

If you have to choose someone as your partner and confusing how to get,then notice how he talks to his mom.If he doesn't treat that lady right then there is no hope for you......... 

Journey of life full of enjoyment

There are many people who are with you in your journey ,they aren't for your destination.Take the issue seriously and never take them to your heart permanently.They are the main cause of distraction of your goal.

Love your enemies.
Conquering your demons because how the society show up them at you,the scenario is totally different from your thinking.It only depends upon your positive mind set.

Wait for your time

As i said before,don't be panic for your life.Wait for your perfect shot.Don't getting worried and afraid by watching other.Your talent and your perfect moment bring success,it may take time but it will come sure........

Be unique
Never compare yourself with others,because comparison brings sorrow and stress.Every one has their own quality.You make yourself better by your own talent.Don't drag yourself to the pit.Live with your self esteem.

With patience and lots of love you can tame all your demons or enemy.It is the only way to accept everything.

Thanks to God for what you have

Be happy and thankful for your small achievements. drops of water make a sea.Live happily in what you have.Thankful at god for everything.

Unplanned journey

Unexpected things are actually perfect and enjoyable,it turn your life to the perfect track with some memorable changes.Somehow unplanned journey also give us a lots of pleasure than planned journey.

Recognize your talent

Everyone is blessed with different talent.You just need to find find your talent and work on it for success.Appreciate others for their good job.

Every step take closer towards your goal

Every step takes you closer to your goals.Even a single steps also takes you towards to your glory with out any doubt.Adopt your breathing to your pace.Don't waste your time by checking how much left.Appreciate what you have left behind.Once you reach at your goal.

Never give up

Get up and start again if you fail once.Learn from your faults and stand up again.Each time push yourself further.Learn to fly over the rain like the vulture.....

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