Target a thing by focus not by hand

A big game hunter once saw a royal Bengal tiger as he walked through the forest.Hunting a Royal Bengal Tiger,at his home is was not a easy task,it is like surgical strike against the enemy army.

At the time of aiming towards the tiger,the hunter noticed that tiger was also approaching towards the hunter for it's own royal attack silently.The hunter chanced a quick shot and just missed the tiger in a short distance.In the mean time the tiger came in a dangerous attacking mood and attacked on the hunter.

Unfortunately the tiger also missed it and the hunter escaped from their quickly by saving his own life.By fate hunter returned alive from the royal.It was a lucky break for the hunter.
The hunter escaped from the tiger and moved his way back to his camp.But his poor was nagging himself from his inside man.
On the next day,he went to bordering the camp in order to practice his target perfect,to make his aim perfect in terms of short distances.

At he same time,he heard a noise nearby.He took a few steps towards the rustling sound and dump founded by the sight that he noticed there.He was shocked for one minute by seeing that thing that making noise.At the same time,
the tiger was practicing for his perfect focus and steps measurement.
Expert was also a beginner.
LET'S move to our actual topic by this above simple example.Takes apart,the truth is that practice is critical for everybody in certain circumstances.

Working on model papers is an important part of preparation for the students basically,treating these model papers as actual exams.It gives you the confidence and potential to face the real exam in a fearless manner.Plan your strategy for every goal from A to Z.

Every time,want to gain some more and experience it.Try and Fail is totally different from Try to Fail.Try and Fail makes you perfect in shorten time periods.But try to fail makes you looser for the life time.Failing repeatedly is an experience which helps to achieve success in coming future.It likes practice for thousand times.

HERE a point comes out,practice  or perfect practice.I am going for perfect practice.Perfect practice makes you self motivated,increase willingness for hard work for your dream,targeting and focusing upon your life goal.

But only practice may take you aimlessly.You may not auto motivated by this.It may bore and irritate you.Dedication level is in top in the sense of perfect practice.You can dedicate everything for your dream goal.You are ready to do everything to achieve your goal,it may not possible in only terms of practice.That's all.

There are a lots of  experience in everyone's life.I'm sharing one of my experience that means towards only perfect practice.This was the scene of my 10th board last examination.History and Geography are tough and subjects for 90% of students.It was the scene of 2017.

But i was found of this two subjects at that time.In that subjects i secured 93 out of 100 in 10th board examination.Unfortunately 7 marks was cut for some reasons at that time.

It was already mine.I prepared myself toughly for two years for these subjects,by habit it was easiest for me during examination.This only due to perfect practice and guidance.

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