COVID-19 the curseful part of human's life still going over the world.The entire world and the cyclic process of the life and society is grabbed by it's curseful hand.Normally people say that sty away from the negative one,but in unblessed 2020 people are saying that stay away from the positive one.

Students in Library


THE entire EDUCATION system comes into the depth sea of tension.The system gonna mad for what to do or what don't.This is the future of students,we don't let the life to be vanished at all.Today's question part is that what is the exit plan from this pandemic for education system and the students.

>India is filled up with maximum number of Under graduate students of it's students population.It is a crucial stage of life of an each and every students.The life changing stage is graduation stage.

>Undergraduate students are in basically in common Arts,Science,Commerce,BCA,BBA,
B.Tech level and there are many more streams.All the streams need their own steps to perform well.

>Future is in uncertainty of a Undergraduate student due to this pandemic.Government is declaring new rules and guidelines daily.Confusion is still increasing about the future for this daily basis declaration of guidelines for the students.Students are depressed by this broken system of our Education system.


There is UGC(University Grants Commission) Of India who prepares plans and regulations for the undergraduate students and university students.

>According to the recent updates and guidelines of UGC,it announced that as follows:--

>The another thing is conducting of UG examinations.Exam is the only the only thing to qualify to the upper level of education system.Some are saying that promote the students to the next year by measuring their previous results and academic curriculum.Some are against of it.Some where in the colleges and universities online classes and exams are going on.It directly proves that the future of a student is in darkness.....
>Somehow the government handover the responsibilities of examinations to the respective colleges and universities.After getting this capacity the universities are ruling over the students according to their wish."Actually we don't understand that what the fuck is going on with the future of a student"...Shame on you!

>AICTE: All India Council For Technical Education published it's guidelines for the students of technical profession and it is quite same as UGC.   


YOU can see the guidelines mentioned in the UGC and AICTE official sites.UGC includes all the under graduate students where,AICTE  only includes the technical students only according to their self.

>Both of the councils put their responsibilities on the colleges and universities at all.You may able to see the scenario is rest in peace after this decision.They are playing with the students future as they want.

>UGC and AICTE have their own and different guidelines.some where questions arise that which should we follow for our bright future ? AICTE declared that,you have to obey the guidelines as well as mentioned UGC.Just telling you that we are the students,not your opponent players hat you have the right to play with our life.

>If there is no consistency in the guidelines of a national council committee then what is the profit of being a educated and intelligent citizen of this country?We are not studying to maintain your records and name fame.....


Students issue

"STUDENT" the term represent it self how can it prove itself,how can it rise it's voice ,how can it fight for the right at all... 

>Everyone is  thinking that students are free at home and enjoying the pandemic situation as vacation but not at all,you are in imagination.Students are in tensed mood for their down going future.Stress is more than time to think about it.

>Some students are upgrading themselves with new skills,technologies and academics with various methods.Some are busy in their passionate things.

>We are not actually free in home,we have also works.Everyone's situation and mindsets depends upon the situations of his living style.You just don't know that we can not study at home due to this enjoyable and cheerful atmosphere of our beloved home. 


Students have the power to bring the revolution in this corrupted system,mean while they are busy in attending online examination which is totally worthless of respective colleges and universities.

>They all are aware about that the process is going wrong but they have no courage to stand out for the correct thing.We are paying lakhs not to flow with the wrong but to stand for the right only.

>Students are in the support of online examinations because it is easy  to copy the answer and paste it on the answer sheet smoothly.After getting full out of full marks,teacher is happy,students are happiest ever by their results.


Colleges and universities are working according to their own wish,it is obviously right because they need only money not other than that.Why they would focus on these external matters.

1.Do you know the ground reality of the amount of syllabus completed?

Ans:The institutions say 'YES' because they completed it by online classes which are totally funny to hear.If we focus on the attendee of the online classes,hardly we find twenty members including the teacher itself.Ground reality is big "NO",they know it very well,just fearing to accept it.

2.Do you think the online classes enhances our skills ?

Ans:"YES" said by them,"NO" by us.They admire that they have done everything through online classes.Can you provide MNCs jobs by teaching us online syllabus,NO not at all.Then why are you spreading the rumor about the fake syllabus completion.

3.If we learn everything by online then why would we pay you lakhs ?

Ans:Students are sitting at home by paying their fees to their respective institutions and they are conducting online classes.I think more data pack is needed for that not lakhs of money.So why we are paying for their record maintenance or advertisements.Total money goes to dustbin.Money earned by hard work and loss by easily with in a day.

4.Would you give the life guarantee of students to their parents ?

Ans:As reply big "NO" comes out,they need only money no need of life.If you are closer to your death but you have to pay your fees first,then you will die.Whole world is in fear and you are saying about opening of educational institutions.

5.Do you have an idea what mental state i am in ?
Ans:  Basically universities are don't really worry about this because show up their fake glories and advertisements are everything for them.

6.Are not you contradicting yourself ?

Ans:On one side you call us the future of tomorrow India and in the another side you are looting the students as money tree.You are not thinking twice before risking our lives just because of a semester examination.


I think you have read all the above carefully and you must take it practically and logically because we all know that truth is hardest than anything ever.

>At the end of the day we are your students not the players in opponent team as you are treating us like enemies indirectly.Is one semester more valuable than our lives.If you are able to answer these above described questions in a proper way from your side then we all are ready to write the semester answers.If not then do not play with our lives.

>Another question arises hear,Can you sent your own children far from home to their respective colleges and universities,If yes,then we are ready to go .

>Don't be greedy for money,please have some less amount of humanities in you.Greedy for the students future.For you education may be a business but for us this is the path of our future.You are like obstacles in the path now a days.


According to the government and universities acknowledgement online classes and exam are going well.But the actual truth is like garbage and staying in dustbin.

>Students are facing problems in huge amount for this online classes and examinations.Poor network is the main cause for this.Some where screen is not showing and some where sound is scratching.Students are not sincere and another problems are their.

>Your own university website is not opening smoothly and here you are saying to work the entire system through online.Crab minded people.Sitting in AC room your mind and body both are chilled that's why these type of stuffs are coming to mind.It is easy plan by sitting at your home but very hard to observe in the realities. 


There are lot of issues to be describe and resolve but it needs a lots of time to express.Don't play with the life and future of a students.Just remember that, a student has the capability to build and progress the nation but has the capability change the nation by hook or crook.....


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  1. It is quite surprise to know, there is no unity between AICTE and UGC. Frivolous representation of students anger.

    1. I think you have to share as much as you can for a revolutionary change in this system.

  2. It is glad to know that UGC and AICTE are dividing in their opinion. You represent frivolously the anger of student.
    Now watch what will happen in Education sector.

    1. I think you have to share as much as you can for a revolutionary change in this system.

  3. Replies

    1. I think you have to share as much as you can for a revolutionary change in this system


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