JUST Imagine the situation:A healthy and wealthy man dies unfortunately due to some health issues.At the time of death,he gave you one Billion rupees and told that you have to spend that money with in 24 hours as a deal.

After 24 hours the unspent money will directly move directly to a charity fund as per the dead man's will.It is totally depends upon you how to use the money with in the time period.You are not permitted to save the money for future.Money is with you only for limited hours.
Goal with planning

Looking at the huge amount of money ,everyone will go for their dream wish.I can imagine that you will start spending the amount for your dream wish like luxurious car,bikes,villas and for everything.It's a common thing that human being is known as the most greedy animal in the universe.

IN this kind of situation,there are two chances that may happen.There are two choices according to the mind of thinking like positive and negative.First thing is as usual,you can go for the spending the total amount of money for your luxurious life.

Second thing is rarer but we have to describe here.Second thing is on you.You can think for getting much benefit by investing that huge amount of money in purposeful and profitable way.You may make 10 Billion rupees by investing that 1 Billion amount by your mindset. You have to plan how to make 10 Billion in one day.That's all.

You can see from that above,there are two types of mindset like two sides of a coin.First thing can done by a illiterate,foolish,lazy and low standard man that you can imagine.The second thing can done by a intelligent,business minded,clever,intelligent and perfect planner.It describe the quality,attitude and personality of a man.

I think that you would go for the second one.So,you have intelligently proven that planning is necessary for everything that you are doing and going to do in future.Now replace the Billion of money with the priceless,precious TIME.

Money can save in the bank but time can't.Time never wait for someone.This is the perfect moment you get to plan for yourself and execute the planning by your hard work,intelligence and smartness.

Express yourself in front of the society by upgrading yourself  with new skills and techniques.You are in the home now from last two months and even you may for next two months or more that only god knows.Plan the time for yourself.Learning,entertainment,skilling up etc etc add everything you want to do,but use the time in a purpose.Go a step ahead from others.Upgrade yourself as a pro.

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  1. Money lure us to commit anything which is wrong.we should control our greed and have faith in almighty God & walk on the right path

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    1. thank you brother for your handful support.Please let me know your identity.

  3. Your idea of creativity is really very appreciable ...keep it up bro..u have a bright future😊👍

  4. Humility leads to progress.


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