Problems of Migrant workers

The pandemic Corona is going dangerously day by day in India.Not only in India but also all over the world including top and well developed countries.

No cure have yet discovered to save human's life but there is one thing and that is keeping social distancing and staying at home safely.

Government has taken all the steps to stop the spread the Corona virus and prevent the dreadful disease.By the Govt. notice declared about everything to prevent COVID-19.Corona is acting like a human eating demon who is in hungry.

But there there is a big question arises that Is the lock down system is going well in India?Are the people obeying the rules of government?Is the quarantine process is going well in root layer means village level?

Somehow,there are many questions like this and they have varieties of answers for these type of questions.The lock down is putting a lot of good impact on the Indians,but something there is wrong also.

There a huge problems like developing economy,transport,education,business and many more work frame.


Migrants means we are saying about the interstate  migrant workers of India.They are our like our brothers and sisters,but now they are in trouble.They are the main pillar of developing India.

This Corona and lock down forces hard them to for struggle survive.How they are living their live one can't see in his eyes,how much heartbreaking that is.

This is the headache now a days,how to control the transportation of these migrants from one state to another.The internal migrants of India are facing problems like facing the storm.

They are not getting food,they have no money,no work,no income due to lock down.They have no shelter to put their heads in need.They are fighting with the pandemic as well as with the hunger also.But the hunger is killing and beating them repeatedly.

Spending night with a roofless home and food less stomach,this is hurting most.After 72 years of Independence India is facing these issues then what is the profit of  getting Independence by fighting with Britishers.They are bound to return their home to stay alive along with their families and children.

Government is focusing on sending the migrants to their home safely with all the prospective.After this,there are also thousands of migrants are going to their birth land bu walking over miles and miles continuously day night.Putting life in dangerous situation they are going to the destination by feeling the hardest summer.

Hence the problem is not yet sorted,Now a days the migrants are main cause of increasing of positive cases in India.After completion of twenty one days of quarantine process they are coming out as Corona patient.

Many of the home returnee migrants are not obeying government rules,they are breaking it as stick.They are not cooperating to the spread corona.Maximum of them are going without completing the quarantine period and wasting food.They should be punished.



People are always giving their own opinion on lock down of a long period in India.Some are of them in the support for extension of Lock down where some are not.All the income source of people now forcefully stop by the government to  prevent the spread of Corona express.People are losing their jobs due to economy crisis all over the world.

Money is really need to feed our families and daily maintenance.All are sitting with nothing in hand.



Due to lock down our economy is getting down in a speedy mode for which government announced many notification with new rules to make stable it.Some are saying that India gone twenty years back due to economy crisis. 

By focusing this India is going to reopen it's financial sectors and all gradually day by day.By maintaining social distancing we have to work for our progress,this is quite difficult but we have to do.All necessary market shops including daily expanses,liquor and maximum financial market is reopening gradually.

Government is focusing on both the situations like prevention of Corona crisis as well as economical crisis.According to the announcement of the government,the liquor shops,transport system,medium scale industries and all the shops can be reopen by obeying some major  rules of Government.


India  government also declared about 20 LAKHS CRORES package as allowance to restart the economy towards every sector including small businessman to a industrialist.


During this Corona Crisis all over the world,the economy rate decreasing in a alarming mode in the entire world including India.

Corona pandemic force the economy to be shut down.Government of India signed MOU with world bank for next generation development of India with highly increasing economy rate in the World.

World bank provided one billion US dollar as the part of economical allowances fund to grow in the loss period.It is one of the maximum allowances towards India from the world bank.


IF we talk about Corona cases in India,according to today's report it crosses 1.2 Lakhs figure across in India with 4000 up to death cases and including 55k above recovered cases.It is increasing about 200 to 300 death cases daily and 2k to 3k cases as positive patients.

WHO is predicting that In June,India will be in danger situation means India will go through community spread and Situation going to be scary as United States.Death case is in stable condition but active patients cases are increasing randomly in India.

Now the Cure rate increased up to 40 percent,due to lock down India is at good situation and preventing Corona confidently.

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