India Is Going To Boycott China in 2020

India Is Going To Boycott China in 2020

India is the largest democratic and secular country in the World. India is known for its brotherhood, peace and friendly nature with all the countries. Somehow Pakistan included in its brotherhood about 0.001%.

2020 is the worst year as I mentioned before. Now situations are not in our hand. In aside, we are fighting with deadly Chinese virus and another side we are fighting with Chinese at the border.

China runs it's government through the communist party means whatever they say that is final, so they are interfering in India's internal matter also at the Indo-China border. That known as LAC (Line of Actual Control).

Deemed with two situations Indians are thinking to boycott China and all Chinese products. The great movement of Indians like Independence from Chinese products. Debates and discussions are going on through social media, news media and everywhere.

However, we also jump to the discussion by this...We are also Indians.


Mini War held between India and China at LAC on the 16th of June. As per the official report, Ladakh is uncut part of India but China is saying it is ours.

In 16th of June Mini war of India and China took twenty lives of Indian army persons and 43 lives of the Chinese army. It is very heartbreaking news for Indians.

Defence Minister Sri. Rajnath Singh announced that not a single life of Indian army goes in vain, we will take strict actions against China for this cruelty. Decisions came after the meeting held among Defence minister, Prime minister and Army generals at Delhi.


India is very familiar with the term "Border Problems".India has border problem with its birth enemy Pakistan and China. Now problems are going on with Nepal also.

Pakistan is fighting for Kashmir and LOC, then China for Leh and Ladakh, North-East states like Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh. Now Nepal with its new official map publication of its country. Pakistan issue was started in 1947 and still going on.

A whole year with is passing fighting with Pakistan and half of the year with China. At Ladakh and Himalaya's area, China is interfering always with the army. China is entering doing illegal construction works at the border. China is opposing India at its own border.


 1. Remove Reservation system
China is entering at Sikkim, at Arunachal Pradesh and Himalayans border also. Recently Nepal published its a new legal map including Indian land in it's a map. Without any permission, without any discussion with India.   

India is a peace lover as we know and brotherhood country, so everyone is taking its profit due to this nature. India should take strict legal actions against these countries.


Indian government strongly oppose to China after the border clash at Ladakh on Indian soldiers. A meeting was held among Prime minister of India, Defence Minister of Indian and Army generals of India.

Defence Minister Sri.Rajnath Singh told that we never let the death of army persons in vein. We will take strict legal actions against China for the border clash. Prime minister also repeat this theory of actions against China.

Prime minister Sri. Narendra Modi announced that India does not instigate and will not compromise on "Integrity and Sovereignty".

India always stands for peace but instigated. India at every cost is capable of giving an appropriate response to China.PM Modi strongly warned China for their stupidity at Ladakh and Himalayans cruelty.

Wednesday on 17th June, in a counterpart, Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi told that India should stop front line troops and actions immediately at Indo-China border.

China started the war and interfering, now China is showing humanity and warning us. China is doing this for showoffs and makes own face clean with dirt full mind.


China is now playing with all the countries by producing and spreading deadly pandemic all over the world. China is famous for violating international laws and interfering in other's borders.

The entire world is suffering from the pandemic and here China enters into Indian border and killed our army persons. China is playing a mind game with India by entering into the border.

China is very found of entering into other borders and their internal matters. China is dreaming to convert the entire world into communism.

You have power and you are in the top, it doesn't mean that our bullets can't touch you. Just warning and reminding you of the losing war of 1969. China is aware of us. May China is wanting another losing war from India.


Now the patriotism is going at the top in Indians heat after the death of twenty army persons at the border. It should be at high every time. Somehow Indian are planning to boycott China and Chinese products for a lifetime.
India boycott China
Indians are planning to ban China digitally also by banning all the Chinese apps and other electronics products.

Getting information from some secret sources that Government has started it's official processes to ban China and all Chinese products. Then we should support our country and avoid all the Chinese products in our lifestyle. We can't replace some products because quite hard it is.

You can find nationalism voice everywhere like social media, News media, public places, at the roadside and everywhere. Let's wait and watch what is going in India with China.


    >LiveMe                     >Beauty Plus
    >Bigo Live                 >Clash of Kings
    >Tik Tok                     >Mobile legends
    >Vigo Video                >Club Factory
    >Vmate                        >App lock
    >Romwe                      >Shein
    > Cam scanner and another apps.

The products and things we are using through, there is an uncountable number of Chinese products. Even we can replace all the products and usages but it will take a long time.

We can replace all the apps from play store but we can't replace our smartphones that we are holding in our hand. Smartphones like Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Huawei and there are other brands from China. 

India banned other 43 Chinese apps from play store in August from India.

As per the reports of FICCI China invests  40% in the automobile industry,17% metallurgical industry,7% in power,5% in constructs and 4% in other services.


Don't you think that we are so late for this stuff to ban China? It indicates China is ruling over us by its products and investments. We rise after the deaths of our beloved army persons. Using Chinese products from several years, now we understand.

We are using Chinese products, apps, constructions and everything for several years. Where was patriotism and nationality at that time...Think if we have risen our voice before then we couldn't lose our army persons.

We make famous some stuff quality fewer people as a star in the Chinese app Tik Tok. Only a Chinese app-controlled all Indian youth within some month but we are not able to produce our own brand. If we are able to produce our own then somehow our people can't accept that.

We all are familiar with the entertaining debate between YouTube vs Tik Tok, that is happening from a month or two months ago. When we come across to truth we stand against Tik Tok for a month only.

Reviews decreased and decreased, from 4.5 ratings we brought it to 1.6-star rating. But what happens nothing much...We have targeted these for a long term target, not for short terms.

Tik Tok launched and get very popularity among Indian Youth and downloaded as a record in the play store of Google. Indian protests and raise there voice against this app in tough words but still, it is in play store and having 4.5 rating star. 

Indian only have the power to make an outside product a brand and star but not an inbuilt own product and can show patriotism and nationality after something happened.


China is doing maximum investments and business in India WHY?
It is our responsibility to produce our own product but we can't. China is doing business and getting profit with investment and the Government is getting only taxes.

Our manpower, our land but we are not getting anything. China is investing 40% in automobile sector but we can't create it. China is investing 17% in metallurgical industry,7% on power and 5% in constructions but we can't...WHY?

Why the government didn't ban Chinese products before?
   Government is getting taxes from China and another thing is China never killed our army men before in a countable way. Somehow we are getting less profit from through China. Fake showoffs from the Government in the name of nationality. 


The government never did anything for Indian products and brands. Why we are lagging behind...because we have manpower but we have no source and raw material for many products.

China is using our largest manpower but why we can not...

We have less source but the largest manpower but we have no capability to produce our own brands by investing our own. It's more than 70 years old we got independence from Britishers and we are depending upon China.

We are hopeless, greedy and incapable, we are handless having 260 crores hands.....Even Hand less has a destiny


Indians are seeing ads, movies TV shows and are always active. You can find our respected and loved Amitabh Bachchan sir is promoting for One plus smartphones firm, Salman Khan is promoting Realme, Amir khan promoting Vivo, Ranbir Singh promoting Oppo and you can find all the celebrities and famous known persons are the brand ambassador of these Chinese products.

Oppo sponsor Indian cricket team, Why Indian brands do not sponsor of the Indian cricket team. If we have no brand for sponsorship then nothing to write there without India.

Indian brand cricket league is sponsored by Vivo why?         

You can find hundreds of examples like this. Is this really patriotism or real nation feeling?


The situations are going on in Indian and in border seems like the war is waiting to happen. But somehow Government is planning to stop the future war but somewhere discussions are going on for war.

In this critical situation, our border army and entire army units are ready for flight at any moment. Let's come to the discussion for war about the capability and potential of two countries.

Two countries are powerful with their army establishment. The entire world stands for India where there is no for China. China is on the top so its air force may not attack properly. America already sent three warships for India in the waterways.

India's have experience about how to win the war because we are daily fighting with terrorists and Pakistan army. But the Chinese fought their last fight in 1969 or 1972 maybe.

According to the report, all the tough and best army holder countries are with India basically Russia, America and Germany and Israel.

There is 90 per cent chance to win a war against China but we always stand for peace first, so meetings are going on with intellectuals, with the government.

We always stand for us as we are doing now. Target is to win over China physically and digitally from India. Do Promise till the last products ban from India.   

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  1. China is such a badass country. We should boycott their products & empower and support our own startups

    1. We know that but we can't do anything because everything depends upon our fake politics.
      Thank you for your priceless support.

  2. First Of All Your Righting About a. Topic is very good....If We Have to Boycott China Products From every Corner Of Our Country... First Government Should Boycott The China Products or anything else....It should be made mandatory for All....China Is Growing Day By Day and In Other Words...It is ruling India...Like Countries by Selling Their products or anything else....So We Have To Use Our Country Made Products and things...Thank You...Carry On Bro😊😊#AatmaNirbharBharat

    1. We can't boycott China because we are always busy in fake politics,unnecessary controversy and vote bank politics.We have no such Indian products to replace China.All about politics.
      Thank you for this valuable feedback and regards.

  3. Good topic πŸ‘πŸ‘


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