Say NO to reservation in Education system and Save the Future!

Say NO to reservation in Education system and Save the Future!


Remove reservation

EDUCATION is birth right for everyone not a other option.We have to accept and get it by hook or crook.EDUCATION is our fundamental right to achieve,so no need to worry.

EDUCATION is like basic needs of life like food,water,shelter and dress.Apart from these the lifeline of struggling life is called EDUCATION.

EDUCATION describe itself in various ways with respecting time changes up.It is just making life easier and comfortable from long terms of time periods.Sometimes it changes it's mode and ways to make more perfectionist in curriculum.

Dividation of EDUCATION process according to castecism is trending now in terms of social charity and vote bank politics.The cruelty of castcism politics in EDUCATION system just killing the future of India.


The categorization process in citizens of India done by conquering their economical status and social lifestyle.There are some other keys to judge the needy people.

There are various kinds of CASTE lives in India like General,

Scheduled Caste

,Scheduled Tribe and then other Backward Classes.

Looking at the report we can say that total 17 percent people belong to Scheduled Caste and 8 percent of total population belong to Scheduled Tribe.Other Backward classes have takes maximum percentage as 52 percent from total population.Remaining less population stay for General classes.

You can find various reservation for lower castes people in each and every system for their development and growth.


In the Article 15 and 16 of Indian Constitution,there are reservations process for all the backward and lower classes in Education,Development and empowerment.

52 percent of Population of India belong to other Backward classes,while 7 percent of people belong only to Scheduled tribe and 17 percent goes to Scheduled castes.Remaining are from General categories.

Reservation needed for their growth,development and empowerment at all.They have to share their powerful hands in the building of Modern India. 

We are distracting from our relevant topics by this sub points.....Let's come to the topics by downwards.


After Independence in 1947,Government shown it's favor towards Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes and after 1980 for other Backward classes.

Government planned and worked for the lower and undeveloped classes for their improvements according to modern society.Have a great job to give opportunities to such lower class peoples living in India.

In 1954,the Ministry of Education suggested 20 percent of reservations for SCs and STs in Educational Institutions and some relaxation of 5 percent during admission stage.

In 1982,it was specified that 15 percent and 7.5 percent of places in Public sector and Government aided Educational Institutions should be reserved for SCs and STs peoples.

In 2019,Government announced in it's message that 10 percent reservation for SEBC (Socially and Economically Backward classes) in the Educational Institutions.

In 1992, Honorable Supreme court  of Pride India announced that reservation could not go above 50 percent,while in Tamil Nadu,it stands for 69 percent in Education.

Reservation Required In Education But not in EMPLOYMENT ?   :

According to Upper data reservation should required to bring the back ward classes into the Modern flow of Society.Twenty percent for SCs,Ten percent for SEBC and Ten percent of ST reservations required for them.

Student unity is also with the Educational reservation of them to express their talent and qualities of their own.Our one motto for Nation that Everyone should learn and Everyone should Improve.

There is nothing big issue in Reservations in Educational system but issue is in Reservations in Employment sector.

But the student zone is totally against of reservations in Employment and public sector.Our educational system taught us how to efficient himself with all qualities for the job.Our Education system teaches us about knowledge,Experiences and skills.

Due to caste reservations in employment and public sector,maximum students of General  category with knowledgeous brain,skills and lots of experience.

Due to above reason unemployment is increasing vastly now a days.There is no shortage of capable employees in the market but there is lack of jobs and reservation holders in India.

Reporting at you the fresh data of 2020 that India having unemployment  overall rate 19.2% with 20.0% in Urban areas and 18.9% in rural areas.This rate is increasing at it's high for this lock down these days.


Just giving a hard reality of life that a   Meritorious student with good knowledge,score and experience is sitting at home calling himself unemployed.

At the same time a student with less knowledge,score and experience is doing the job,then what the profit of hard work in India..somehow now larger value.

Rural area citizens have not seen development from several years because administrative department is going on a caste reserved person with no quality.

Some parts of a state is fully developed and some are in darkness from decades.Government only needs votes by saying fucking fake promises.

The truth is that an ideal and experienced officer is holding the development department of cities of a state and a less experienced and ideal person is sitting in rural areas by eating only money of Government.

Just focus on truth of life that,where a general category student getting a job with 90% score at that time a special caste holder is getting a job having 60% or less.

If you are really logistic and have a brain then you can analyze the situations going with the topper.

From the above mentioned reasons India is a developing country since 20 to 30 back years and it is also called developing one in Future also.The poor one getting poorer day by day and the richer one getting richer.

According to the fresh economical data,only 10% of people holds the 73% wealth of India and You can imagine the rate of poorer and richer one.

Government should have to change the policy:

Government should have to change it's vote bank politics policy to save the future of students as well as countries.You have to destroy the old policies if you have the willingness to create new golden India.

Our first priority is to five each and every opportunity to the lower class peoples for their development and empowerment with the modern society.


>Education policy is fluctuating now

>Know how to deal with failure

>India is facing various problems now.

>Actual terms of Problems

>How to use Social media

Provide them economical backbone support to stand over and educational support for overcoming from problems waiting in Future.Making them as much as capable and multi talented mankind.

Analyzing the tough examinations of India like NEET,JEE Main and JEE Advance,we can determine that there is huge fluctuations in selecting scores among lower class students and general students.WHY man.....?

AS I ever experienced it with my some friends.Some of them did not qualify for the exams having much score than others.But some were qualified with less score and knowledge because they have caste to save them.

IS it our fault that we take birth in General family.We have no god father to save and support from back.If NO,why these types of comparsion among human beings.

Due to this reason our 60% population is in the grab of poverty.It was in poverty,it is in poverty and it will be in poverty for this fucking policies.


Just to move out towards Technology

A average or lower standard student get a chance to read in a top institution without a good score or rank in front of a   Meritorious student but that meritorious can't.

Having seen this the student goes into stress and that high stress turns up into high deadly depression.After hard work of so many days or years one can't get a chance to read while a lower caste student with less hard work and score get a chance easily.

Pressure,stress,depression hit the brain and heart of a meritorious student after not getting a seat in his dreamed Institution.Rejected many times for caste system only after years of sweat flowed hard work.

Future changes at a single moment after long term hard work and patience.Distractions attracts the student easily at the time of loosing.He/she can easily accept the way of distraction at that time.Destroyed a life in a moment


Last but not least! Student power the power of country is now in tensed mood.Revolution and big changes needed in the reservation system of our country.

Reservation required for seat in Educational system but not in Employment and Public sector.Provide the seats availability in Institutions for meritorious students as well as others.

Someone told the truth that If you really want to change the system then destroy the entire system and built a new one....

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    1. Thanks brother for your support and do always like you are doing.

    2. Thank you man for supporting me

  2. The caste based reservation system is a curse to indian education system. However we are dealing with it from 70 years.Removal of article 15 is next to impossible

    1. Only one thing is in our hand that to rise voice strongly without any hesitation.

  3. Yeah Bro..I agree with You...The reservation system in all platform Should be waived off....As In article 15 We All are Same In Age,Gender,Colour etc....It is An Curse to Education system....I Hate It....It is My Opinion....😊..

    1. Thank you brother for supporting.. Be supporting as you are going.


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