Social Media-The Way of distraction or high to sky

Social Media-The Way of distraction or high to sky


Social media

Today's young generation is going with Social media and it's flow ups.Some says he is my lifeline,some says she is.

The third party says parents are our lifeline of our destiny.Some times it get confused answers.Let it,in this busy life all have different lifelines like KBC show.

There is no value of Oxygen here for the young generation at all.

SOCIAL MEDIA is the one and only lifeline for the young generation in this   developing modern world.Even they can live despite of their loving ones but not far from Social media.

Mania of Instagram,Facebook and Whatsapp and all at everywhere.Social media is a important part of youth's life.

Social media stands for Youtube,Facebook,Instagram,Whatsapp and there are uncountable numbers of Social media sites present.There are billions of Social media accounts you can or can't find it from the database.

You may get shocked that the number of social media accounts are present is larger than the population.

The inventors invented these Social media platforms for the development of technical society of the generation and for fun purpose only.These media helps them to increase their net worth each year.

The usability and engagements help them to increase their pocket value and decrease the future existence of the user.The youth is getting busy by using Social media and the inventors are busy to count Dollars. 

Social media is the thing by which the people get connected virtually all over the world.The platform to share emotion,feelings,information and everything.

Here we get information,news,comics,ideas,motivation,stories and all about our career formation.But for the youth society it act as enjoyment park only.

There are two ways of using it.One way is,using it for enjoyment and fun purpose only.It harms our brain and waste our valuable time by it's data of attraction.

Another way is the way of god means for right thing and enjoyment in sometime.Learning and increasing the thinking power is the super power of Social media.Two things can gain by Social media that is bank balance and Knowledge.

Social media is the longest and never end platform to gain knowledge and share your mind at others.If you choose it for this purpose then i'm sure that it will never harsh you.

Social media the birth place of enjoyment:  

Maximum population of youth think that Social media is their fun and enjoyment place all the time.Social media equal to time pass with enjoyment.

Totally time waste,money waste and then future is in darkness.Some are busy with their friends and some are with their non recognized talent.Maximum are busy with their Photoshop editing and getting loves in Instagram.

Fake love and likes in Social media post are more important than reality and real life nature.

At the time of editing the future by hard work,at that time they are editing their pics with glamorous bikes for fake likes,loves and comments in Social media.

All are busy in fake show ups to the society with their own purpose of profit and loss.

Don't make passion for short time of your life,make it for long term and turn up your passion as career and glory.Choose your passion or future as an legend.

There are not everything in studies and getting a job.But your dedication and hard work for your passion can get you success in high rate,it may be some little bit late.

You are loosing huge amount of money for Social media.Just come out from the blind love of Social media and think logically.

Parents paying Lakhs of money for their child's bright future and also paying for their expanses at every cost.

Apart from that maximum needs a good DSLR camera about fifty thousands and glamorous bike about to two lakhs or more.not these a smart phone of high budget also needed.

Smart phone is needed for lifestyle and for our important works but not needed of thirty thousands.


 Social media  is not their to harm our future.As i said before it can build you as a star.It's upon you how to use it for your improvement and make it as profit. 

We can use information,news,motivation and experience of others for our future goal establishment.

One can grow it's business worldwide through Social media.Social media platforms give the opportunity to it's users to grow their business option.

One can find his dream job by Social media.Make himself for learning and experiencing new things every time.

Don't post your local editing photos.Work like professional in the moon light.Enhance your skills and become a professional photographer by clicking pics of the Social and commercial world.      
You can use Facebook ads,Instagram ads and Youtube to do business across the world.You can handle and run your business digitally.

You can express your ideas,unique content and knowledge through all the social media platforms and in Quora also.Quora is the ocean of knowledge after google.


Two sides are there of everything which tastes you the honey by your nature or tastes bitter for you.Depends upon you how to take these Social media positively or negatively.

By using the latest technology and learning process you can start up your new business through Social media.

Digital marketing is another way of business through Social media.

Youtube is the one of the best Social media station to express your content,quality and talent through Videography.As the example you can take successful India Youtubers.

Just try Quora the biggest platform of knowledge and experience after google.You can find everything related to every topic in your mind.  

It's your life make it large without fail.But it only depends upon you how to make large.

Processing of Social media

 Intelligent and smart people always look for respect,name,fame,glory and money in their future not only enjoyment.

They use the Social media  for their profit and knowledge improvement only.They spend less time in Social media.They spend less time time for unnecessary enjoyment.

You make websites,You Tube channels and Social media pages for your improvement and drive traffic in bulk to your sites and channels.

Follow and support Social media icons and personality,it is good.But follow his rules,knowledge and experience to be more successive.

Get more engagements and support from Social media only.

Social media grabs our brain
 Here the youth is going on so much problems due to Social media addict,but no way to left the Social media.

It is very painful to accept the good and reject the bad,when you addicted with bad habits.

Youth is getting busy themselves in Social media all the day.The addiction of Social media is harming their brain power and then memory loss happen.This may create stress,depression,psychological disease in future which is totally bad for health.

Youth is forgetting about his future and getting busy in Social media all day long.Getting far from games and  Sports Getting busy in online games.Physical exercise is good for health but very less amount of youth doing that.

Distraction the main harmful insect of Social media.Distraction from time,Distraction from aim,Distraction from right path and Distraction from every where.


Let it be there in it's own path and move out from the mud.

We are saying Social media is good or bad.But every bright moon has it's black linings.We  have choice how to use it.Our mind always go for right and good thing when we think.But our heart never.So hear your mind and think according to your future.

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  1. Although social media bring certain peoples nearer to their beloved ones but it has many side effects.such as today's youth are dipped in social media always which has a harmful effect on their psychology


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