Coronil the discover of Patanjali

Baba Ramdev claimed himself as the hero in the pandemic by discovering Coronil the fake marketing product to prevent Corona in India.

Ramdev and his company Patanjali discovered it and claimed it as the vaccine of pandemic Corona virus and started it's sell and marketing without Government approval.

Entire world is suffering through the virus badly and trying to discover it's vaccine as soon as possible.Mean while some countries have started their clinical trail of their inventions.

Death rate is increasing as well as the affected cases in the world.United States is in the top of affected countries till now and other countries are competing for number one.

Because there is only one rule for number one,never be number two.


According to the latest report total 1,26,31,067 numbers of people affected by Corona virus and 73,66,491 numbers of people got recover from the deadly pandemic.While Corona have taken 5,62,889 lives of human being.

As per the report USA is in the top of the list,below that Brazil,Russia,India and United Kingdom is there like top five places in world Corona indexing.

India beat Russia and reach at number three position in Corona affected index of entire world.


Focusing on India's report  total 8,00,000 and more active cases come out,from which 5,16,206 people recovered till now and 22,000 and more lives taken by Corona virus.2,86,253 people are still struggling with life in hospitals.

Due to the unlock and relaxation process in India,the active cases are going on day by day and it will increase in future also with huge amount of active cases and community spread.


India is at the number four position in world's index.In the starting of COVID-19 India is at 28th position in the world's index.According to the above report you can imagine doubling active cases in India.


Entire world is in the capture of Corona virus and all the scientists,doctors and experts are trying to discover the vaccine for the save of world.

Even some countries are also tried their inventions with clinical trials and still the research is going on.Their trails didn't accepted globally with World Health Organization.

India is not behind of any other countries.India trailed plasma therapy as vaccine option but not accepted officially and globally because plasma therapy can create others serious diseases.So it was declined at that time.

Still Ayurvedic trails are going on through doctors and expertise.Trails of Chloroquine are going on for recovery of affected patients.

After these trails you might be happy to hear that India's recovery rate is quite good and still increasing gradually. 

Wow...Shocked....Astonished...these words breaks me emotionally when i heard the Patanjali's treatment for Corona virus but it was for short term.Not approved officially by the Government and soon in doubt and ban condition.


 Indian branded company Patanajli claimed to discover the alternative vaccine for Corona virus named CORONIL and stared it's marketing.

On 23rd of June,the founder of patanjali group Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev announced the launching of Coronil in the market for the public welfare.


Soon after the press conference by Patanjali,the AYUSH ministry asked them for the total process and all the reports belong to CORONIL.Patanjali hands over the reports on 23rd of June itself.

Though the clinical trail reports of Patanjali,there was 100 participants in the trail,half of them was given Placebo drugs and five of them dropped out of the study.

Total 45 cases of Corona positive patients trailed officially for it,these studies were also peer reviewed.


1.Enjoy the Music in lockdown
2.Social media the distraction
3.Say No to reservation in Education policy
4.Boycott China from India slowly


The Ayush department of Uttarakhand send a notice about Coronil that,it is only filled up with stamina and immunity boosting medications and without any mention of COVID-19.

The Ayush ministry and CTRI claimed that there is nothing in Coronil to prevent and stop Corona.Only fake business minded marketing.

Maharashtra Government already banned Patanjali self made fake medicine in two states.

Now,a criminal complaint against Patanjali has been filled in the state of Bihar against Ramdev and managing  director of the company Balakrishna.The petitioner has alleged that Ramdev and his company have misled people and endangered their lives.


  Speaking to PTI(Press Trust of India) Dr. Ravi Shekhar Jha,Head of department and senior consultant,Pulmonology,Fortis Escorts Hospital of Faridabad told that physiologically it is completely impossible to treatment Corona under five to seven days in a patient.

Meanwhile,Lung surgeon Dr. Arvind  kumar noted that only a proper clinical trail can prove that efficacy of a treatment only. 


Coronil comes as a kit including two medicines in tablet form and a liquid on.It allegedly targets for respiratory system affected by the Corona virus,while Ayurvedic things only helps in immunity boosting.

The entire report published by the Health ministry of Indian Government and system for Corona virus.

So don't purchase these without Government approval and Doctor's concern,it was not proved right till by the official trail of ICMR and Ayush ministry of India.

It is just for marketing and branding system going on,not for the health of the citizen.Everyone need their profit and selling of there own products,like that it is going on.  

Fake and greedy market policy of Patanjali,the face of India.Stay home and Stay safe with proper regulations of Indian government.Don't use other unknown medicines to prevent Virus attack without any doctor's concern.

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  1. The world should awire of this.

  2. As The Case Of Covid-19 is increasing day by day In INDIA and Also In Worldwide...We Should have to stay home and Isolate ourself....A few Days Later We have seen a Fight between India And China....So We Have To Boycott Their products...and be #AtmaNirbhar...We should Use Our Own Country products.....In My Think Although Baba Ramdev is not a doctor....He is a citizen of India Who Aware about The Situation.......He may Not Give the correct Medicine For Corona...But His way of thinking To Provide Swadeshi Products has To Be Saluted....Jay Hind!!!

    1. I have respect for your love towards the swadeshi product..
      And I appreciate you for this.

      But but but......

      Here you write "His way of thinking to provide swadeshi product..... "

      If RAMDEV BABA think so,then he should provide it Free of cost at least in INDIA.

      But he don't do like this..........

      It is only about The MARKETING and ADVERTISING of his products..... You should awire of this.

  3. Coronil is a fully ayurvedic medicine to fight against corona.The controversy for the medicine is that it didn't report to ICMR .without its approval it can't launched for treatment


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