Indian Education in the Sunshine and the Education in Pandemic !!!

Indian Education in the Sunshine and the Education in Pandemic !!!



As you know due to Corona pandemic entire world is sitting in their home silently and fighting with the pandemic directly and indirectly in various ways. India is suffering in pandemic from the ending of January to till now and going to suffer for the next several months. The tremendous to observe the embarrassing with the current situation.

Days are going on and Pandemic spreading that's dreadful net among the citizens in a rapid way. All the countries are trying to bring the vaccine as soon as possible to overcome the situation. Have to balance the situation until the vaccine will come out.


Indian Education System:

Indian education system such a lazy and corrupt system ever and easy way to drive black money into the pocket. You can imagine the rate of unemployment from the system also. According to official reports, India is at high everywhere and India is developing.


* If we look into the ground state and analyze the actual data, we can get India still below the international poverty line. The report is clear and well developed but the reality is at hell. Due to the delicate education system. India is lagging behind and growing up in International politics only. India is depending more on other countries for its expenses.

* India is in debt from international bank, organizations and from several countries. All the funds and project revenue are going into the pocket of corrupted politicians and officers. They are looting India fully with a neat and clean face.

हाथी के दांत दिखाने के कुछ और खाने के कुछ और- The scene of real India.

As the above sentence they are showing the error-free report and the ground reality is known to the observer only.


I am also included in Indian dump education system but unfortunately, I'm writing about this. Indian education is 20% perfect and you can imagine the opposite section of percentage.

First, we should analyze the 

The system you are observing and going through is quite well and well structured. All are reading together nut, not all are developing together.

Students produced in millions of number by Indian study program. They make India proud and strong.

Hardworking, intelligent and smart kids, lengthy and worthy syllabus and education program make India prouder at everywhere.

* There are 25 and more study boards according to all states and territories of India and national boards like CBSE and ICSE. These boards produce quality students with their study program every year.

* Every year new records, new achievement and new experiments on education we get 50% good and 50% flops mean they are not made for education but they have to go with education by Indian Hippocratic culture.

 * Even in CBSE board students are passing out with 100 out of 100 per cent and in future we may wish students with 103 % out of 100 % from CBSE board.

* Exams are conducted all over the country for thousands of study programs and students are selected according to cutoffs and their results and get a seat at institutions. The Indian culture and study program focuses more on the results of an academic career than talent, means if you have talent then you have to prove it through academic performance.

* Crores of funds invested every year in the budget for educational purpose but the outcome is shown as approximately zero.


* 90 crores and more budget planned for the Indian education system for 2019-2020 educational year and more for research and skill development purpose.

* Government of India and state boards mid-day meal planning for students at Government school and according to report mid-day meal per students only 2.50 rupees with nonsense protein brochure.

>Just answer me within 2.50 rupees of meal how much protein amount will you get? Such a pile of rubbish by government 🤣🤣🤣🤣

* Government is providing all the study material for free like books, food, uniform, bicycle and all but gradually students are decreasing in the government schools and some are coming to school for these free tools.

* Hardly 40% to 50% of students are really talented and eligible for these scholarships and free tools but other students are using it nicely. Day by day unemployment is touching the sky and Indian youth losing its a virtue.

*Indian education mostly based on theoretical and very less upon practical valuation. Indian educational system losing it's real virtue and value. It needs great revolution soon.

*In village circumstances students of government schools are going to school for their daily free meals and free tools. Hardly any student is going for its future.


*Government provides enough funds to be invested for the students by which future can secure for all but some corrupted politicians and officers taking the funds into their pockets from the middle road. Enhancement and development in the educational sector are very slow as other sectors. Corruption is at everywhere.

*From the given funds 90% taken by the corrupted one and 10% hardly reach the students and institutions.These funds looted by from the higher officer to the lower peon. You may find that every scheme is full of corrupt scams. Somewhere teachers are irresponsible and somewhere students are reckless.

Education in Pandemic

Stress Time table of a student

*Entire world is shut down and sitting at home including India also. All are preparing their plans to defeat over Coronavirus as soon as possible. While the Indian government is playing with students future.

* Government is announcing mixtures of guidelines for the students of various streams and it is changing up till now. There are confusions about future, stress and depression in mind and internet problems and other problems are in contact with students. Not only students teachers are also facing such problems due to pandemic.

*There are various educational boards in India for the Indian educational system like UGC for undergraduate studies, AICTE for technical studies all over India, NTA as the national testing agency for all the competitive examinations of India and like this there are other boards.

These boards are giving various guidelines for the students and institutions and that is good for us but the problem is there that guidelines provided by them differ from each other. Questions arise here that which should we follow...

The central government and technical boards are giving guidelines to conduct final year examinations but somewhere state boards kicking guidelines. The debate is going on among them and they are forgetting students.

Stressed Student

For the competitive examinations, aspirants date is expanding like a lotus in pond according to the pandemic situation. The exam is more important than health.

*Government is encouraging virtual studies due to pandemic condition. It is a quite good and digital mode of education which can help the students to grow with technology. It needed a smartphone, laptop, internet connection with electricity facility. It is a good plan for those who have all this like a higher economical class.

Ground Reality of Pandemic Education:

Education Of India
*A medium economical range family more focus upon his child's health care as well education also. They have to balance their life and they do also. Due to pandemic earning is zero and entire expenses are going on from his savings only which very hard to run the life.

*Think about a lower economical range family, even they are not getting food two times in a day and government is planning for virtual studies. How he can manage his hungriness for apparatus for virtual education.

Each and every student have fundamental rights for basic education and it can be possible when all students take into part of this virtual generation.

The government should make out a plan for this and then implementation of virtual mode education can be possible. There should be a smartphone with all students with good internet and electricity facility. Our professors and teachers are not skilled with virtual education so their training is a must for outcomes.

Students are paying Lakhs of fees to respective institutions but institutions are not taking responsibility of their students as well as professors. They are not paid off for several months but they are doing their job.

Universities are demanding the fees for the upcoming year in this economic crisis days by disregarding government guidelines. Stress and pressure are going more and more on students.


According to the real fact, we have to go through this video link and realize the actual scenario of India in technical 

For the video Click Here

The situation is the same in every stream of education and there is no option also. Nepotism exists in education also. Indian education is going down gradually and it needs a great change in its policy.


*Why the children's of politicians and government service holders are reading in public schools and abroad India?

*Why unemployment increasing after crores of investment in education?

*Why India is lagging behind in every sector than other countries having a large human policy?

*Why politicians are paid off crores for their job but not a teacher?

*Why people are giving their valuable votes to a corrupted one?


New Education Policy,2020

As I told good news is waiting for the Indian education system and it will change the face of future India and here the good news at below and it takesv34 years to come out. 

*In 2019, the Ministry of Human Resources and Development(MHRD) released a draft about new education policy 2019, which has followed by several public consultants.

*The draft NEP discusses reducing curriculum content to enhance essential learning, critical thinking and more holistic experimental discussion-based and analyse learning. 

*MHRD will change to Educational ministry. The overall and extensive educational policy added for all. The undergraduate study program will be for 3 years or four years only. You can end your graduation in 3 years if you need a job.

*You can continue your graduation for four years if you are going to do higher education after graduation. Post-graduation education will be for one or two years.

*Five years added for Integrated bachelor degree and Masters degree and there will be no M.Phill system in new education policy.

*GDP will 6% for education in central and state policy. Students can get their certificates if they drop without completion and start-up from that place also.

*In entire India, there will be a common board for higher studies and the only separate board will be created for a legislative and medical education board.

*E-Education system will be available in regional languages and coding is compulsory from school and the student should be specialised at least one skill from school.

These are some new policies for education and there are many more new changes in Education policy and you can find them Here


The Indian education system is such a rubbish system but there is a little bit hope in new educational policy of 2020 takes by the Indian government. In India education is going like a large business market so don't do this business in education and serve the nation.


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