Lock Down 5.0 Distracted From It's Way Of Achievement,Government Failed to Control Pandemic Outbreak

Lock Down 5.0 Distracted From It's Way Of Achievement,Government Failed to Control Pandemic Outbreak

Distraction of Lock down 5.0 by relaxation process


Lock down the effective way find by the Government to protect the country from Corona outbreak.The door which opens to save the human being from pandemic that is lock down.Stay inside the first step of our home.

The dark night came as a devil with dreadful virus,collapsed the ego of human along with economy being by it's Violence dangerous nature ,expect India for a few days only.

The world was in critical situation by fear of virus,at that time we were sleeping peacefully and spending our life as usual normal.Sleeping in our room by enjoying the soft touch of moon.No fear of virus shown among Indians in the starting of February of 2020.

The world was in critical situation and still the situation is going on and no one knows where to stop.India was not in that situation but now India is contributing with other countries.Only God knows about stoppage of dreadful situation created by a virus.

Not for a long term,we wake up and found the virus at our door step in front of us.This show how irresponsible Indian's are.let it at least we understood and implement our strategic plan to save ourselves.


India started it's strongest campaign against virus from the end of March 2020 itself with some strong,strict and reliable guidelines.Lock down process started from the end of march and still going on with some relaxation in guidelines for the common public.

Never imagined that India is going to face any dreadful pandemic after the 90's pandemic of Cholera.Not only India but also the whole world is suffering from this badly without any vaccination process.

Prime Minister of India announced the lock down process inform March end to April half by focusing on future situations.Government planned to extend lock down more and it also gone well according to the expectations.

Government did it's best to save the Indians and to stop the outbreak of Corona virus.Appreciate the performance of Indian government but somehow they failed at end.

Till now,we faced four lock down process with various guidelines.Lock down of a country refers that entire country is sitting at their home safely without doing anything means you can't find a single man blooming out side of home without any emergency.

At the time of beginning peoples are awake with their humanity,they obeyed guidelines with proper care and humbleness but now situation is totally different.The situation is going out from hand and people are getting irresponsible day by day.


If we jump into the reports of India then can find hilarious change in the numbers with in three months and in a month of only.It shows how Indians are responding means they have no fear at all.

Till the end of February there was only three positive cases and in end of March it reached up to 887 cases.End of April we reached to 27000 cases just in a month.Till end of May India crosses 1,60,000
positive cases.That 1,60,000 cases in may turned into 6,00,000 cases at end of June.The numbers may shock you but it is true.

Report is in front of your eye retina,notice and analyze the increasing numbers of active cases in India due to Corona virus just in a single month.Just gaze into report of May and June and guess the reports of upcoming Monsoon days in July,August and September.

Till may we are in the lock down 4.0 phase with good and little beat hard conditions.The days are passing and numbers are increasing in rocket speed.Wake up and don't prove yourself irresponsible at others and stay home,stay safe.


Guidelines changed and some relaxation comes into the lives to restart our economy but people take the advantage of relaxation.Guidelines come to rebuild the economy where public make it as their fun.

Have to manage economy with lives to run the country because we can't seat at home for long days without money,India is a poor developing country not a well developed country.As much as possible we should run our economy with static growth.

There are lock down going on in June and July with two unlock process to run our slowly increasing economy system in pandemic conditions.Contentment zones with other guidelines will provide by the States government according to situations.

According to unlock guidelines all the religion places will reopen from 8th June or according to State government guidelines.Malls and restaurants open from 8th June with some restricted guidelines.

Indian railways already started it's journey in pandemic but gazing at pandemic increasing situations railways cancelled it's service till August last.

Cinema halls,metro trains,International airways services ,gymnasiums,swimming pools,resorts,parks will remain close till further notifications and will prohibited for publicly use.

Religious,political meeting in Public,prohibited.Sports complex and related to sports things may open for sports persons only not for the common peoples.

After unlock 1.0 government announced it's unlock process of second part in 30th of June with some new guidelines and relaxation for public.


The entire lock down process gone well from March to May end passed with proper guidelines and on behalf to prevent pandemic.In that four phases we felt same guidelines in each phase with strict restrictions but we never feel it with 5th phase of lock down.

Lock down 5.0 is not in restriction mode it becomes relaxation mode after three boring months in home.

Planned to reopen our economical structure to rebuild our economical destruction occurred by complete lock down for three months.We have to make our economical backbone strong by some relaxation. 

Lock down 5.0 is real important part of economy with lives of peoples in a same way.We are with the aim that how to prevent spreading of Corona virus as much as possible.

These unlock process and relaxations in guidelines making public irresponsible,at the time of panic people are feeling like festival and enjoying it as Durga puja.

Some are feeling nothing happen to human being it is just a fun game.They are harming themselves as well as their family members and relatives.

Target is to reduce positive cases but it get failed with unlock systems.Positive cases are doubling with in seven days.Recovery rate is good enough but positive cases crosses 600000 in July first.

Focus is to control community spread in  India but some how it is started in some regions,but government is  not accepting this.As you know India is the 2nd largest population country in world after China.You can imagine the situation that will happen if community spread occurred in Monsoon.


Government should have to bring guidelines with strict and impactful restrictions for the common public in society.Government should look at the increasing number of positive cases of affected virus.

Guidelines must have new and strict rules as previous lock down process of one to fourth.There should be strict actions for irresponsible citizens whom are blooming outside of their home without any necessary reason.

Economy should run with smoothly by seeing the public health.Government shouldn't do it's vote bank politics in the pandemic in name of economy.

Once PM Modi told that जान है तो जहाँ है ,but now that जान is in critical conditions in fear of Corona pandemic.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Must aware of Monsoon because Monsoon is the best season to help the community spread.There is maximum chances of community spread in Monsoon watery weather.

Supreme court should provide the actual power to our police,SC have to provide right to do their job properly.Strict actions should taken against the rule violence persons..

Government should increase testing capacity in a bulk because more cases may come out after larger testing scales.Testing of 130 crores of people is impossible but government have to do.Imagine if community spread occurred then what is the number of death cases.

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Analyze of lock down 5.0 is a wasting of time without any results.Results come out in two ways.One is we can't control the increasing cases.Second reason is increasing in economy rate with in some days.

Overall result is 60% we failed to control and 40% we help the government to increase the economy rate.We rebuild our economy static with in some days.

Totally failed to stop spreading,otherwise we help the virus to spread out by  our irresponsible nature.Active cases are doubling with in four to five days. 

Active cases increases from 5K to 20K per day in June and going July.Now India crosses 6,00,000 positive cases in four days after crossing of 5,00,000 cases.Means lock down 5.0 is totally failed to control the positive and active cases in India.


Government is going on with it's own rules and going behind with economy only.Somehow planning for 2024 parliamentary election.Don't wait for government guidelines,be aware of and stay safe at home. 

Government can say anything according to their plans of profit and you have to obey that according your situation and for your family.

Changes begins from you only,stay at home do creative and maintain social distance as much you can do at outside of your home.

If we look into the fresh news on Corona cases of India then we find it as 6.5 lakhs and more total positive cases till now and total 18K and more death cases.Infected cases are increasing 20,000 per day now.Somehow we entered to community spread but government is declining it.

Before two days India crossed 6 lakhs cases and by today we get 50,000 more.Look at the report and decide what have to do.Stay home,stay safe and keep learning and increase your creativity with passion.

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Just in 5 50 6 days of 6 lakhs affected cases,India reached up to 8 lakhs of affected cases and 22,000 and more death cases.In the world index India reach to three number of place.Going to be stay in top one position by beating USA with in some days. 

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  1. Lockdown 5.0 is distracted due to irresponsible action of public.With the government we also have duty to follow the rules & regulation to counter the pandemic


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