Depression...The Curse of Life ! Depression can kill You or make you Successful.

Depression...The Curse of Life ! Depression can kill You or make you Successful.

Depression the curse of everyone's life.Problems come from the external part of our life but sometime our personal life and external life mix up to the sensual tension called DEPRESSION....


Everyone in the society face up the part of Depression in a life time minimum,some are move out from melancholy situation and some give up their life without any hesitation.

जो अपने खुद के ज़िन्दगी को तबाह कर देता है उसका दूसरा नाम है डिप्रेशन और English मैं MELANCHOLY कहे सकते है......

This is just our thoughts and real life experiences which we can share but we can't tell the actual condition of a depressed person.Let's move out to the point...


The scary and dangerous situation is a DEPRESSED life of any human society with scary results as outcome.Life is getting heaviour with depressed and stress lifestyle.

This is totally cyclic process of human society,if you engage your eye at a particular thing you can find out the realistic fact behind that.Like someone is getting loss by loss,criticized everywhere and getting stress,then the man commit suicide and we will say that he lost his life due to loss only....No it is totally meaningless...somewhere we the people indirectly or directly reasons for his death....

Depression is a mental illness and disorder.It can't uprooted permanently from human's life with some curable ideas and therapies.The state where a human being get irritated by it's own enjoyable life always known as DEPRESSION.

Physical disabilities are the part of human's life but somehow humans have to face the mental disabilities and mental illness.Melancholy changes the life into a different way,some get a new and better life and some can't.We have to go through the depression once minimum through life time.

brain stops working,Behavior changes gradually with time,Irritation comes into activities and do make to fell alone like no one is with you and everyone is against of you.It just need concern of doctor and hand of own peoples.

Description of Depression is presents with various languages and reasons according to conditions of depressed one.Definition changes according to number of cases and reasons of cases in daily life.



Depression is a mental illness.The psychological disorder which affect your life by changing the way of living the life with some hilarious changes.

It affect daily life upon various factors like how feel,how you observe another thing,how you handle daily activities  and depend upon your changing behaviour and etc etc....

To be diagnosed with depression,the symptoms must be present for at least two weeks or more than that.It needed medical and scientific and natural ways to be cured out properly.

A mental health disorder described by perpetual loss of mood or loss in interest activities,causing declination in daily life.Depression changes the man from various directions like physically,Biologically,Intentionally,Socially and from the inner heart also.There are etc etc of mediums present.


Depression is not grab in a single word that harms only.According to the discovery of Medical science it is various types and we should discuss some important from them here.They are as follows:


You are in "Major Depression" state if you have maximum symptoms of Depression going on for two weeks or more than that with great effect.


       *Loss of interest or happiness in daily activities.
     *Weight loss or suddenly weight gain with in some days. 

     *Trouble to get fall asleep.

     *Feeling sleepy during day time.

     *Being tired and feeling like lac of energy.

     *Feeling guilty.

     *Loss of Concentration.

     *Thoughts of suicide.


Chronic Depression is known as Dysthymia scientifically.It is less severe and has fewer symptoms as compare to major Depression.Sometime it is called as Double depression when the process continues till two years.


Symptoms are quite same as Major depression and some new are there included in this index.Read the follows---

 *Sadness and mood off for the whole day.

 *Loss of enjoyment in life.

 *Excessive sleep during day time.

 *Loss of energy gradually.

 *Feeling alone and feel like no hope anywhere.

 *Thoughts of death,suicide like that.

3.BIPOLAR DISORDER:(Manic Depression)

Bipolar disorder or Manic Depression is a crazy type of disorder where one can feel a greater a joy meanwhile at other side can feel badly sadness.


Symptoms are quite equal as Major depression and some new ethics are included and they should be mentioned.

  *High Energy.

  *Reduce sleep hour.


  *Racing thoughts and speech.

  *Monumental thinking.

  *Increase self esteem and focus more on confidence for doing            something.

  *Unusual,Risky and self destructive behaviour.

  *Feeling ecstatic,"high" or delight.

Expect from these three types there and more numbers of derivations of Depression and you can get them by clicking below

Know More about Depression Click Here

Other types of Depressions are:

*Persistent Disorder

*Depressive Psychosis

*Atypical Depression

*Seasonal Depression and more are there.


The main thing comes to here that is cause of Depression and we know all about Depression through above lines.According to different types of Depression,there is different causes of being Depressed.

Do you know!!!!! What are the main cause for depression.....If No...Then let's know out below....

There are various factors present as the root cause of Depression.Let's move on to them directly...


Physical abuse or harashment at public places,Sexual abuse or emotional abuse by heart certainly.


Some drugs,antiviral medicine and cortico steroid can increase the rate of depression.


From unbalanced personal life and friends zone,depression can take birth with symptoms of Major depression.


Sadness of some one's death or anything about to loss can put a great effect of depression.Failure in examination after hard working 18 hours day is the main cause of depression now a days among the students and youths.


When some one start a new event in life means new business,study program or whatever like this,tension remain in mind how to run the matter.Depression and stress begins from the initial days itself.


Problems like social isolation,personal problems,family and friend zone problems and daily life tensions.Loss and failures of life can depress us more.Criticism hurts more.


Depression in Mind

 "DEPRESSION" may be the reason for global health crisis.It can hurt anyone of different age limit people by it's crabbed nature.Treatment of DEPRESSION through medically,naturally and psychologically...this is essential for someone.

*Depression can increase risky behaviours like addiction to drug,alcohol and other things like these.

*Depression can ruin relationship,cause problem at workplace,family and friends.

*Depression can call physical health problems like brain stroke,heart stroke or Coronary artery disease.Have to stay away from this as much as we can.

*In maximum cases the untreated depression can brings death and bring suicide.

*Sleep disrupted by untreated depression.


*Daytime drowsiness.
*Concentration problem.
*Incomplete sleep.
*Feeling trouble in falling sleep.
*Irritations and stress.
*Unexpected memory loss.

There are hundreds of effects of Depression that we face through it.We can recognize someone by these effects about his/her mind state.


If there is any problem,then solution must be there and provided by God must.But we have to find out that."DEPRESSION" has also curable process through medically and psychologically.

There are various process available for the treatment of Depression like scientific way that is by medically,naturally,home therapy and other ways.

From the initial days of being depressed or stressed it can be reduced by easy human efforts by family members and friends or loved one.


*Get Routine:-Plan a healthy and proper routine for daily life and it should be focused more on to reduce stress and depression.

*Set Goals:-"You can't do anything in life" this type of feeling come to depressed mind.In this time you should work in the opposite way and set a life and try hard to achieve it.Get self motivated every time.

*EAT HEALTHY:--There is no pre-planned diet for a depressed person.You can eat what you love to eat and that should be healthy for health also.

*GET ENOUGH SLEEP:--Sleep properly and take sleep at least 8 hours a day and avoid stress,work pressure as much as possible for you.

*DO PLAN A VACATION:--Plan a tour or vacation to relax yourself.Spend time with your family to stay away from more stress and depression.These trips may change your mind.

*TAKE RESPONSIBILITIES:--Depression can pull you back in your life,so take responsibilities in the depressed time and move on.Do busy yourself in various work places to avoid negativity in mind.

*DO SOMETHING NEW:-- Do something new,means do what you really love to do,move towards your passion.It can fresh up your mind and heart both.Fulfill your dreams and move on.

*DOCTOR CONSULTANCY:-- Take regular doctor's check up and do as doctor's said.Concern your doctor about your improvements.


 The continuous treatment in medication therapy,talk therapy or combination of two process.Treatments may normalize mentally changes associated with depression.

Anti depressant,Psychological therapy therapy and electro convulsive therapy is applicable for a depressed person.


Youth in Depression

Half or more than half of the youth is in depression and stress condition.Mental state and ability of thinking is going down gradually.Creativity is losing it's power.


*Negative impacts of society.

*Financial problem of family.

*Poor academic career.

*Job Tension.

*Examination failure and pressure.

*Loss of self esteem.

*Criticism of Society.

*Love Problems.

*Family and personal matters.

*Having victim or witness of violence.

*Willingness of achieving everything without any hard work.

*Physical or sexual abuse.

There and thousands of problems for each person with respect to condition.Mainly the age group between 10 to 18 goes into stress and depression because at they are in teen age and the anxiety of teen age show them the road towards depression and stress.


हमारे कलम से और पढ़े :

Here i am telling a part of my life when i went into depression.Actually i have gone depressed two times properly that i remember yet.Let me speak out this.

First time when i was in 12th standard and exam was near to door,at that time i was totally hopeless and just going through the flow.I was thinking that i will be fail and life windup here.I have not read anything properly till that date.Somewhere though to attempt suicide came to mind but i know that i have to fight with this critical situation,i fought and came out from that and scored well in 12th.

Irritations,tensions and abusive moments were going on with me at that time.I was hostel and friends were with me.I was very well at studies but i had never take that exam seriously so i faced that depressed situation but lastly i am happy now by sharing my life stories with you.

Second one was so minor and nothing more to describe.I never gave up from the situation.I know i am strong and i can fight against both internally and externally.


Never Give Up

Don't give up !!!! It is for you who are depressed and take it as curse of life.Problems come to our life to make us strong not weak.Take the problems as challenge and beat the challenge with your strengths.

May your dream success is waiting for you after depression.Death and suicide are not the solution of life and problems.Suicide proves that you are weakest than everyone and you are scared.Live the life by enjoying each moment with happiness.Lets move on towards future.

Make don't give up to NEVER GIVE UP.

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