Amazing Facts About Modern Indian Society And Their Mentality...

Amazing Facts About Modern Indian Society And Their Mentality...


Amazing Facts About internal India

    Where to start and where to end the journey of actual description, I really don't know about this. The destination is uncertain. The distance for the destination is not specific and may I unable to cover the all.

Enjoy the suspense like a thriller movie in Amazon prime video.

The great Indian society is present now but it is in the history books only. You can never find any similarities between the real Indian and modern Indian society.

There are thousands of reasons which makes me feel about the bad side of modern Indians.

Let's move out to the real points and it will be in Hindi and English.


The actual and bitter truth of modern Indian society-as I told you before that where to start and where to stop we don't.


*We will start from here, yeah the modern Indians are unknown about the starting point in each and every purpose.

   --This thing is happening with 70 to 80 Percent of Indians. There are millions of scope available in India for Indians but entry is going on mistakenly.

*Indians can sell their valuable votes for thousands of rupees before the night of election voting day.


   --Indians are going this since the Independent and waiting for a golden India hopelessly.

*You can find thousands of future plans in the election manifesto of political parties of India. It remains in the manifesto for five years itself.


    --Indians will never ask for the fulfilment of election manifesto once the election is over.

    --Parties in power, are doing so many non-prominent works to hide the actual manifesto.

*Political parties spend millions of rupees for their election rallies and propaganda distribution for the votes. Marketing of votes done before voting day.

  --In the last,लोग कीस को चुनते है पता है जिन्होंने उन्हें voting से पहले ज्यादा पैसा दिआ और ज्यादा अच्छा भाषण दिआ vote उनका.

*Liquor is more important than Education in India. Because Liquor is getting the most revenue in less time than Education.

*The ruling party can control all the system of India directly and virtually like Army, Legislative, administrative and all.

  --No one can't do anything against the ruling party. Yes, people can do protests against it but there is less chance of success. The ruling government can take wrong and unworthy decisions for more votes in an attractive way.

*Ruling parties can buy the Assembly and Parliamentary members of other political parties. Money is everything here. If you have money then you are the kingmaker and king breaker both.

It is all about money,Life is money and Money is game
*2016, Banknote demonetisation failed and it could not meet it's the actual target. It was targeted to bring all the black money back to the country but not a single coin back in this program.

*One person can handle three most important ministry of India which is only possible in India.

*It is good to hear that India is a secular country by the constitution but it is failed in today's India.

If we move on, then we may not complete here. It will take a complete notebook. So shorten here.


Social media is considered as one of the powerful factors of our country. Everything can be possible through Social media except for giving birth to a new baby.

News media is considered as the fourth pillar of our country India. Social media may be the 5th one according to someone.

*Social media is the powerful weapon of India in the digital and technology sector.....Yeah, that's true.

*Maximum per cent of Indians use social media for their entertainment purpose only and only a few per cent convert their followers into profit.

Social media

*One can share everything possible and impossible in social media without any fear.people use it only for virtual friends, likes and comments on their posts. People have the right to report abusive your content if it is right also.

  --Becoz सच तो कड़वा होता है। 

* Youtube-the largest video sharing platform of the world. It never contains any policies about adult content but people are posting such contents without any actions.

  --But CarryMinati roast video against Tik Tok got banned by Youtube community by the reports of some scammers.

*Social media can convert a dog into a Lion by their cringe Social media influence. Indians spend much time by scrolling Social media screen without focusing on their future goals.

*Riots and protests can be occurred by Social media posts or comments. Social media helps people to create more population over Social media platforms.

  --India का population जितना है उससे कंही ज्यादा Socila media accounts है। 

*People can share their sympathy and loyalty after a big issue happened. A person has thousands of social media friends but in real life, there is only a finger's count.

  --Indians are going through virtuality than reality nowadays. The face is more important than character and personality. Indian youth change the actual definition of love and relations.

*Indian's troll others while in problem neither helping the person. They can troll and criticize others but when it comes to own then the situation is separate.

  --Rull is something for others and something for own purpose.

*Indians give more importance to feminism without knowing and judging the actual case. If anything happens the man will be behind the jail.

*If you are a good fake speaker and have lots of money then you can collect public support in bulk, quite help the actual needy people because they fear to lose something instead of helping.

It is hard to hear but it is the fully known bitter truth.

* Narrow-minded people are available as you need means unlimited.

*Indian consider the film entertainers as real heroes instead of Farmers and Soldiers.

*Shoes are selling in the showrooms and books are in the footpath. Future is onwards of the street side.

Let's come to the pillar of the country and that is


Indian Education brings the NEP 2020 as a great revolution of Indian Education after 34 years. But some are against it.

Because they think:-

  *They think that NEP 2020 promote child's labour. Pessimists are losing their huge amount of earning due to this. 

  *Corruption is also present in Education virtually and directly. Good and sincere officers may not stay in the administrative department for a long time.

*Education is a type of business in India and not really a country makes policy. Students are going to Government schools only for mid-day meals.

People are not aware enough but the matter is that they are also not trying to know about this.


Indian Legislative system and law system is so lengthy and congested and complicated too. A dangerous criminal wait for 10 years to get punished. You can imagine the criminalistic situation in India.

*India is full of frauds and scammers -the real bitter truth. One can't deliver his/her personal views publicly.

*India is insecure after 74th years of Independence also. People are not getting fundamental rights also.

*All are equal, fundamental rights and all the laws for citizens are good in constitution book itself and not reality is showing ever.

*When people see Indian police they are fearing to them but Police is for citizen's safety and protection.

  --Indian police so fast and punctual that incident होने के बाद घटना स्थल पे जाता है.

*Criminals are living 5-star life in five-star jails after Sevier crimes for so many years. They are treated as they are the guests of the Indian legislative system.


*Indian law is blind so.....thousands of cases are pending from years. A to Z people connected with this system is corrupted except some rare one. The success rate of solved cases are decreasing day by day and the crime rate is increasing gradually.

India is an amazing country and you can find everything and unique in everything in India.

  --जो नहीं भारत में वो नहीं मरत पे -- 

*भारत में बहुत लोग है जो सिर्फ ज्ञान बांटते है। ज्ञान को use करने वाला कम है .
*Rumours spread as breaking news in India.

*There is an important thing that we are forgetting and that is the making of new developed and golden India.

  --India spends its money on general elections and for cricket in a huge amount.

--India main bekar ka kharcha bohot hai and you can't calculate it. India spends thousands of crores for Statue Of Unity which was not needed.

*Scams and frauds are happening daily basis in India in every moment. Some examples like Vijay Mallya and Niraj Modi and there are so many.

It is also easy to do crores of money scam and then to settle down at foreign countries with permanent citizenship.


*There are thousands of Sweis bank accounts are present with billions of black money of India.

In India certificates and qualification is needed for a post of a peon but not needed for an MP or MLA or the country building personalities.

  *If any police case added in a common man's profile then he/she may not get a job but our politicians are grooming with several criminal cases.

  --Criminals are ruling India you know better.

*Presenting a report of a survey that I came across it. The survey was on the Member of Parliaments and their criminal activities. From 539 Members approximately 210 have Sevier criminal cases and maximum members have ZERO qualification. (0).

  --जो देश के भबिस्य के बात कर रहे है उनका ही education level शून्य है। 

*India is struggling with economical crisis but on the other side, Indian is able to spend millions of dollars in foreign affairs activities.

*Maximum well certified and skilled Indian's are working in foreign countries with MNCs.Because they have no real value here and the Indian government is unable to afford them.

  --India has the largest manpower, Basement and everything to be developed one. But Dirty Indian politics is closing the door of achievements.

*Indian's show their full support to their Nation and as well as National properties. You can see the Nationality of Indian in three places only as I think.

  --One is 15th August Independence Day of India.
  --The second one is 26th January Republic Day of India.
  --The Third one is India vs Pakistan World cup match.

*It is hard to find Nationality in other days. You can find national flags and pictures in the dustbin after the day of 15th August Independence day celebration.

--Independence Day and Republic day मैं इनका Nationality and patriotism इतना रहता की मानो border पे जान देने को तैयार हो .


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News Media को India का 4th pillar कहा जाता है। लेकिन Indian News Media तोह TRP के पीछे है। देश के लिया इनका Contributions से ज्यादा TRP पे ज्यादा है।  

  --But in this large scale of the contribution towards the country is so less and unrealistic as I told before and TRP contribution is extremely high.

*बड़े बड़े case को ये भूल जाते है and TRP के लिए एक छोटी सा बात को भी बड़ा केस बना देते हैं।  

There are thousands of things which proves India is an amazing country and the above things never describes the beauty of India or Indians. These are the black spot of India.

Policies are created but not obeyed and policies are only for common people not for the money men.

We have to change our mentality and have to change the country otherwise in Future India will be called the country of virtuality means no reality.

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