New Education Policy(NEP) 2020: The Dream Of India Is Looking True

New Education Policy(NEP) 2020: The Dream Of India Is Looking True

The New Education Policy (NEP) 2020 is going to make India more powerful and successful in international fame. India is going to show it's real talent after 34 years. The tired effort of Indian education is going to be fruitful.

New Education Policy 2020

This was the need of the hours and finally reforms in EDUCATION policy.

After 34 years, India is going to bring its new skilful interface by this strongest education policy. It may fruitful if the real and actual implementation can be done.


    *University Education Commission (1948-49).

    *Secondary Education Commission (1952-53).

    *Education Commission (1964-66) under Dr.S.Kothari.

    *National policy on Education (1968).

    *42nd Constitutional  Amendment,1976-Education in                         Concurrent list.

       *National Policy on Education (NPE) 1986.

    *NPE 1986 modified in 1992 (Program of Action,1992).

    *T.S.R. Subramaniam committee (27th May 2016).

    *Dr.K.Kasturirangan committee report (3th May 2019).

After all these reports and petitions, Indian new education policy comes out in 2020. The trails were going on since the day of Independent to change the system.


The New Education Policy brings the greatest revolution for the Indian education system and its parts. Here is the new Education policy seems like as follows:

* The 10 +2 system will be divided into 5+3+3+4 format by NEP.

* 6% of Indian GDP investment on Education by a new policy of Education.

*There is no division between Science and Arts stream. All streams have equal importance.

*Coding and Skill India mission program will start from schooling itself means students will come out from school at least with skill.

*MHRD renamed as Education ministry.

*National Education Technology forum will establish.

*Common entrance exam for all higher education.

*Artificial Intelligence-based assessment will work on. with test knowledge application.

*Coding from 6th class is mandatory from schooling and e-courses will available in regional languages.


Higher Education Reforms in NEP

*Target to be complemented till 2035 is 50% gross increase.

*Holistic and multidisciplinary Education flexibility of subjects-

  • Multiple entry or exit is possible in graduation year.
  • Under Graduate program will be for 3 years or 4 years according to the choice of the student.
  • Post Graduation program consists only for one year or two years if the student will.
  • Integrated 5 years Bachelor's/Master's and M.phill to be discontinued in new Education policy.
*Credit transfer and Academic bank of credits will be continued from NEP 2020.

*HEIs: Research intensive / Teaching intensive universities and autonomous degree-granting colleges.

*Model Multidisciplinary Education and Research University (MERU) will be made out in every district or in the nearer district.


From the last 40 years, Indian Education was going on like a sleeping baby which loves to roll on the bed only.

The reforms of Higher Indian Education in New Education Policy describes more about it. Let's look:

*Graded Autonomy will be added in Academic, Administrative and in Financial process to provide International excellence service in higher studies.

*Phasing out affiliation system in 15 years will be started. The national mentoring mission will be started through the new policy of Education,2020.

*Independent governor's board will be made out.

*Single regulator will be planned out for Higher Education instead of Legal and Medical studies. It will provide the same importance to all the streams available in our higher education program not only Science.



New EDUCATION Policy brings a great revolution for the Indian education system and modified it according to modern styles. It gives importance to all sectors with proper distribution as follows:

--National Research Foundation (NRF).

--Internationalism of Education will be done for the enhancement of Indian education through the new policies.

--Vocational studies to be integrated which make the students skilled and practical.

-- Special EDUCATION zone will be made out for disadvantaged regions of India.

--National Institute for Palli, Persian and Prakrit.

Indian Knowledge System, Ethics and Values:

National Education Policy (NEP) describes all about Indian knowledge, Indian cultures, systems and languages values and virtues.

National Education Policy focuses more on literature and scientific vocabulary of Indian languages which will make students more skilled and good at literature. 

*Language faculty will be given in NEP 2020 by government.

*Research facilities will be available in NEP to build our language harder and stronger.

*Strengthening National Institutes for promotion of classical languages and literature.

*Indian Institute of Translation and Interpretation(IITI) will establish for the enhancement and Increasement of our thousands of regional languages and cultures.

NEP 2020 is all about promoting, enhancing and increasing the ethic value of regional languages and cultures. 

New Education Policy is providing a large scale place to bring the regional languages into the international basement.


NEP describes all about School education, Higher education and professional higher studies of future India in its policies.

Technology in NEP

NEP gives real importance to Indian languages to make it globalize but without the use of Technology, NEP is valueless. Technology holds an impactful place in New Education Policy.


* Education planning, teaching, learning and assessments all are going to be held through Artificial Intelligence.

*Administration and management, regulation, self-disclosure and the minimum human interface will be held by Artificial Intelligence only.

*Increasement of access for disadvantage groups through technologies.

*Softwares are going to launch for the education of the handicapped person.

*E-content will be available in regional languages with virtual labs.


Reforms in Schooling Education

*Universialization of early child care education (ECCE).

*National mission of foundational literacy and Numeracy.

*5+3+3+4 curricular and pedagogical structures.

*Curriculum to integrate the 21st-century skills, mathematical thinking and scientific temper.

*No rigid separation between Arts and Science, between curricular and extracurricular activities, between vocational and academic studies.

*Gender inclusion fund will be created.
*KGBVs continue up to 12th grade.

*Reduction in the curriculum to core concepts.
*Vocational integration from class 6 to onwards.

*New educational curriculum framework for ECE, school, Teachers and adult education will be added.

*Board examinations will be low stakes, based on knowledge application.

*Medium of instruction till at least grade five and preferably till grade eight and beyond in home language/mother language/regional language.

* 360-degree holistic progress card of the child.Tracking student progress for achieving learning outcomes.

*National assessment centre - PARAKH .

*NTA to offer common entrance exam for admission to HEIs.

*National professional standards for teachers. (NPST)

*Book promotion policy and digital libraries.Transparent online self-disclosure for public oversight and accountability.


NEP 2020

*Universialization from ECE to secondary education by 2030, aligning with SDG4.

*Attaining foundational learning and numeracy skills through the national mission by 2025 itself.

*100% GER in pre-school to secondary level by 2030.

*Board exams to test score concepts and application of knowledge. Every child will come out of the school by adopting at least one skill.

*Common standards of learning will be implemented both in public and private schools.


All are waiting for the New Education Policy and some pessimistic are avoiding this. Judging the reviews before the implementation of the new policy is really necessary.

You may find that Indian media and all the intellectuals are discussing the New Education Policy at everywhere.99% is with NEP but only 1% is against it.


According to my point of view, there are only certain needed reasons by which they are on the other side. There are also some stupid reasons to present there.

  *We have a strong base to implement New Education policy directly.
      *Our administrative system is not so good to handle a tough change directly.

     *Vote bank politics and large scale corruption is obtaining the road of success.


    *They are saying that skilling a student with practical knowledge fro childhood is like child labour.

And to them:भाई बच्चा बचपन मैँ नहीं सीखेगा तो कब सीखेगा 

By these things, they are losing their great business of education. So they are saying like an immature stupid.


99.5% of people are with the New Education Policy. All are with this means there is something which is helpful for Indian.

They want to see India in Global fame and to develop India from every corner.

It is hard but when a revolution comes it brings so many hard decisions with it's to change the entire system.


I got a report that every year Indian parents spend about 2500 crores of rupees for tuition fees for their children in India.which is going to stop by NEP 2020.


Developed India by NEP
Yes, you are listening truly what I'm saying. Be ready to accept a great change in India. It is really needed for India. Proper and perfect implementation is needed. Work for developed India from now with the new policy of Education.

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