PUB-G Banned In India !!! Alternatives are there to make out Your Day. Free Fire || COD:Mobile || PUB-G PC Version. FAU-G Is Coming In October

PUB-G Banned In India !!! Alternatives are there to make out Your Day. Free Fire || COD:Mobile || PUB-G PC Version. FAU-G Is Coming In October

PUB-G - Players Unknown's Battleground is an Online Multiplayer battle royale game developed and published by PUB-G corporation and with Krafton (Bluehole), the South Korean gaming partnership.
PUB-G (Players Unknown Battle Ground)

It is a heartbreak nightmare for Indian Youth when the Government declared News about the ban of PUB-G in India. Both PUB-G mobile and PUB-G mobile lite.

The government announced a ban on PUB-G on 2nd September Wednesday itself and after two days both games were removed from the play store.


PUB-G India is one of the most popular games for Indians above 175 Million downloads and maximum share with gameplays. 

There are a huge amount of fan following and players coming from India only.

PUB-G mobile and PUB-G mobile lite both banned from India but PUB-G pc is still running maybe and PUB-G mobile somewhere.

Indian make PUB-G into a professional career with YOUTUBE streaming and International tournaments. Online gaming is one of the best profitable ideas of Indians from past years.

The gamers have millions of subscribers and fans on Youtube and other online gaming platforms. It makes fun with learning new skills among gamers.

Online streamers of pub-g India:-

PUB-G Corporation earns it's 27% of its revenue from India only means you can imagine about the largest PUB-G market of India and the growing scale of PUB-G corporation.

Here presenting at you the 15 streamers of PUB-G in India. So much name and fame they earned by their gaming skills and personality.

 After all, except these all, there is hundreds number of PUB-G streamers available in India in Social media platform.


The Ministry of Information and Technology banned the apps as 

"They are engaged in activities prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India".

PUB-G banned in India due to some foreign affair conditions with China and which has dangerous outcomes.

> PUB-G is partnered with Chinese gaming company Tencent. As the Indian government is taking strict steps towards Chinese apps, for these only PUB-G banned in India. This may be the part of Atmanirbhar Bharat policy of India.

Read till last for the GOOD NEWS waiting for you

You might be thinking this is a normal thing but there is a dangerous point is hiding behind PUB-G. The shocking is here.

The game creates it's popularity in India within two years that it works as an addiction for Indian youth as well as children. Youth turns into catholic mad.

Parents, teachers and doctors find the addiction nature of the game day by day.

The game is creating violence, murders and threats with its addiction. Mental disorder and Psychological problems come out gradually in Youth and Children.

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People seem to use gaming skills in real life after their addiction to the game. Youth is forgetting its career, Education and relations for this addiction only. The game made the youth stable.

In March 2019, PUB-G was banned in Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Surat, Vadodara and Bhavnagar districts of Gujurat and after sometime days ban was distracted.


Government of India banned 117 Chinese apps including PUB-G mobile and PUB-G mobile lite. Indian youth is moving towards the alternatives to make out their time in this boring period at home.

There are some alternatives to replace PUB-G and to make out your day. They are Call Of Duty: MobileFree Fire and others.

Soon now after the declaration of a ban on PUB-G, Akshay Kumar announced in his Twitter about the new upcoming Indian game FAU-G as the part of Atmanirbhar Bharat.

FAU-G Game

It is coming soon maybe in October to entertain you. It is the part of Atmanirbhar Bharat.


Good news is coming out from the PUB-G corporation as the respond to ban on PUB-G in India.

PUB-G corporation cancelled it's a partnership with Tencent gaming and ready to restart the game in India.

This worked as the DJ in the silence of midnight in PUB-G players of India.


It's really needed fro the distracted youth of India and this is too late to announce. It may hurt but it is true.

It is just a game and a so-called emotion for some is not the future of every Indian. It is so hard to take the game as profession and future.

We all are familiar to the phrase that
            "अति हानिकारक होता है "

You can play it for enjoyment only and for some time only, not for the whole day by hampering your studies and all. They are earning from it and you are distracting from your path by it.

You are Indian and you can understand it. Thank You For coming here.

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