Farmers and The Indian Government: The protest is Going on 2020-21

Farmers and The Indian Government: The protest is Going on 2020-21

 Farmers and Indian Government:


"Farmers" - The backbone of a country, the real heroes of a country especially they run the entire country from the backstage. The reason, we are alive today is only for the farmers and now the Farmers are dying on the road for their right. India is known as the country of agriculture and we Indians convey agriculture like God. We have heard thousands of things, experienced a lot of things and their irreplaceable duties towards agriculture as well as for the country.

   Proud to be a son of a FARMER, but now the "FARMER" is dying on the road from past five months and don't know where is the end of this. Doing all the faults the government is acting like the "KUMBHAKARNA" character of "Ramayana".

Directly moving towards the pinpoint of our root discussion, we will look after different corners of the crisis of Farmers.

   The rude and illiterate government of India is the root cause behind the greatest crisis of 2020 that is "Farmers Protest", it's been a long time when it started from 9th August of 2020 and still going on. The farmers are protesting against the new Farm act made by the Indian government.

It's been a long time our "ARNADATA" is on the road and fighting for their right. Never dreamed about this harsh moment of my India.


A protest is going on for five months, which indicates that there is something big mistake in the rule. There must be a strong and valid reason behind the protest because a farmer never wants to stay away from his fields. The protest is going on against the new three farm bills made by the government at Lokasabha and Rajyasabha.

The bills are as follows for you:-

  1. The Farmer's produce Trade and Commerce (promotion and facilitation) Act 2020.
  2. Farmers(Empowerment and protection) Agreement on Price Assurance and farm service Act,2020.
  3. Essential Commodities (Amendment) Act,2020.


These bills are included with many more laws and directories, advantages and disadvantages for the farmers maximum and protesting. The reason behind the bill are many more and you will get it from Wikipedia

*The government will decide MSP (Minimum support price) for the grains and agricultural products.
  The MSP is good for all but the government is not declaring the MSP for all agricultural product, it will include only 20 to 25 agricultural productions. Then the question arises here...What about the others? The MSP price is different from different states means all the government is planning and figuring out their profits but What about the farmers? Is the government really worry about this?

In another point, if we move on to filed we may find that the government is helping the corporate leaders by providing agriculture department.

*The farmer bill,2020 is helping the corporate millionaires to enter and grab the agricultural department fully. The government is selling the agricultural sector indirectly to the Ambani, Birla, Adani etc. Future of farmers is not secure with the current government.

                               [THE GOD IS CRYING AT ROADS]  

Over the next two decades, the state government set up large Mandis which were run by regulated agricultural produce market committees or APMCs...Gradually, all large wholesale markets, which were the first touchpoints for farmers, were brought under APMCs Acts.

The Positive Outcomes of Farmer's bill,2020:-

*The market is open for all and the farmers have total freedom of choice. They can sell their products directly at the open market at their own price.

*The farmers have another choice that is there is an alternate channel outside the registered mandi to sell the products.

*There is no barrier in-between states and districts means barrier-free interstate and intrastate trade of agricultural products.

*The bill is beneficial for marginal farmers(80% Indian agriculture) and it will work towards better market linkages and efficient supply chains.

Farmers from different states fro all over India like from UP, MP, Punjab, Haryana etc are on the road by suffering from cold, chill winter DISCUSSION BETWEEN THE GOVT. AND THE FARMERS:-

After a big mistake with the farmer's bill, the government is ready to make changes in the bill and also doing discussions with farmers repeatedly shamelessly. According to the news the farmers are demanding to return the bill as before but the government is steady with its decisions and the discussions between then have no outcome yet.

Farmers are right in many of percentages because they are actually facing the market and issues and know the reality of values of agriculture in this open market. The government is working virtually not directly. Being up to date, the discussion between the Farmer leaders and the government happened eleven(11) times which has no outcomes.


The honourable Supreme court of India declined calls to ban a weeks-long Farmer's protests and asked the government and unions to help form a committee of experts to mediate between them.

*Supreme court total that according to fundamentals law the farmers have the right to protest against the law.

*Supreme court allows the tractor rally of farmers with due respect.


2020 has shown us a various crisis and worst things and the farmers protest is one of them. Government has passed the bill in lockdown in an emergency meeting in Lokasabha and Rajyasabha. Bill passed at two halls without the entire support and discussion of opposition political leaders. Like something gone too fast.

The government has maximum supportive members at its bench which help to convert a bill into Act as they want at any time. They are just making Act and laws with their own support system according to their comfort zone.

The discussion and debates are going on media houses, social media and everywhere. Many of VIPs, political leaders, Indian cinema icons with international icons are given their support towards the Farmers and their right. After the 11th edition of discussion, there is no option for farmers according to government and the government had said that they will never pull back the law and the farmers have to accept it. India is not developing it started its downfall smoothly.

By ending the topic I would like to add my own point of views here with the end of the discussion:

If we go back and gaze, we may find that these are the common men and farmers who had elected the government for their development as well as the country. But that is working oppositely. There is a big mistake in our Constitution according to the situation that is the bill which passed at both the halls will be granted as Act with the President signature or without of it. The current government has its huge supportive members which need not need any others elective votes for any bill.

Many more actions were taken by the government to break the protest but the government could not succeed. The government applied the army against the farmers. Means who will raise their voice will be beaten. Such cruel and violence scenarios from the worst Indian government.

May the protest end soon with positive outcomes and it should go with beloved farmers. Pray at god for the farmers and their families.

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